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2 01 The GP Consultation in Practice


  • As a general practitioner you must show a commitment to patient-centred medicine, displaying a non judgemental attitude, promoting equality and valuing diversity
  • Clear, sensitive and effective communication with your patient and their advocates is essential for a successful consultation
  • The epidemiology of new illness presenting in general practice requires a normality orientated approach, reducing medicalization and promoting self-care
  • Negotiating management plans with the patient involves balancing the patient’s values and preferences with the best available evidence and relevant ethical and legal principles
  • As a general practitioner you must manage complexity, uncertainty and continuity of care within the time-restricted setting of a consultation
  • The increasing availability of digital technology brings opportunities for easier sharing of information and different formats of consulting, as well as raising concerns around information security

Educational priorities

The consultation is at the heart of general practice. It is the central setting through which primary care is delivered and where many of the curriculum outcomes are demonstrated. As a general practitioner, if you lack a clear understanding of what the consultation is, and how the successful consultation is achieved, you will fail your patients. ....     

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Knowledge and skills guide

This section contains the learning outcomes for 'The GP Consultation in Practice' curriculum module.

These are grouped into 12 core areas of competence concerned with the tasks you will undertake as a general practitioner when delivering care to people in your community.

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Case discussion

This section contains a scenario and questions for reflection which help to illustrate the learning points in this module.

Mrs Leela Patel, a 45-year-old Indian lady who has breast cancer, attends your surgery to discuss her treatment following a recent hospital appointment. Her oncologist has informed her that the cancer has not responded to the latest course of chemotherapy and has suggested that she should consider further treatment with a new drug....     

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How to learn this area of practice

This section includes suggested activities and strategies for developing the competences you will require.   

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Useful learning resources

This section provides suggestions for further reading and other resources to help you in your training, including books, journal articles and web resources.    

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This section lists references which have been used in the development of the curriculum.      

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