Applying clinical knowledge and skill Section 2

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Particularly in the earlier stages of training (e.g. ST1-2), which are predominantly spent in secondary care environments, your training will focus on building the broad base of clinical knowledge and skills needed for generalist medical practice. This will include skills in first-contact patient care (e.g. the assessment, diagnosis, investigation, treatment and/or referral of acutely ill patients) and the medical management of common and important long-term conditions in which the GP plays a significant role (e.g. cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory disease in adults and common child health and mental health problems).

Early experience of the general practice environment will enable you to gain insight into the mindset, approaches and values that underpin community-based generalist practice and will make your subsequent training experiences more effective (particularly if you have limited experience of UK general practice). This will help you to demonstrate how care is applied and enhanced through an integrated and multi-professional approach and enable you to make more effective use of the wider health and social care resources available to patients and families.

3 15 Care of people with ENT, oral, facial problems

3 16 Care of people with eye problems

3 17 Care of people with metabolic problems

3 18 Care of people with neurological problems

3 20 Care of people with musculoskeletal problems

3 21 Care of people with skin problems

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