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Understanding the language of the curriculum

The core competences in this document have been written as outcomes of training – in other words, a statement describing the knowledge, skills and behaviours that should be demonstrated by a GP on completion of training. Their wording has been standardised according to the following glossary.

Level of complexity Description Verbs used in the curriculum learning outcomes
Recall or respond The ability to recall previously presented information and/or comply with a given expectation Accept, define, describe, follow, record
Comprehend The ability to grasp the meaning of information in a defined context Acknowledge, appreciate, clarify, identify, recognise
Apply The ability to use rules and principles to apply knowledge in a defined context or display behaviour consistent with an expected belief or attitude Adopt, apply, communicate, contribute, demonstrate, implement, measure, obtain, participate, use
Evaluate The ability to analyse and judge information for a defined purpose and/or justify decisions or a course of action Analyse, appraise, compare, differentiate, discuss, evaluate, explore, interpret, justify, monitor, reflect on, review
Integrate The ability to bring information together to demonstrate a deeper understanding and/or demonstrate behaviour consistent with the internalisation of professional values Advocate, challenge, commit to, create, deliver, develop, enhance, facilitate, integrate, lead, manage, organise, plan, prioritise, promote, provide, respect, tailor, value

(Table modified from principles in Anderson LW, & Krathwohl (Eds.) (2001). A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. New York: Longman)

Where the term 'appropriate' is used to describe an action, this means one that is evidence based, safe, cost-effective and in keeping with the patient's situation and preferences.

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