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The resources below offer more detail on those areas causing the most confusion.

Responsible Officers in the four countries of the UK have been informed of a flexible restart to appraisals from October 2020.

This follows the final version of the Medical Appraisal Guide 2020, with key points for doctors and a template to show the minimum paperwork required, being agreed by all sectors, specialties and UK nations through the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. 

Although the purpose of medical appraisal remains the same (which includes to support a doctor’s professional and personal development and to help assure a revalidation decision), the process in the context of the pandemic sees a rebalancing towards more of a wellbeing focus at this time when doctors have been impacted personally as well as professionally by COVID-19.

The key documents (hosted on the Academy of Royal Colleges website) are as follows:

  • Medical Appraisal Guide 2020: A guide for professional medical appraisals in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Medical Appraisal 2020: Guidance for Appraisers
  • Medical Appraisal 2020: Key Points for Doctors

COVID-19 Appraisal and Revalidation support

Further guides

For further information, email: revalidation@rcgp.org.uk

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