Accreditation process and supporting documents

GPwER accreditation process diagram

Accreditation documents

Below are the documents you will need to submit your evidence for assessment by the accreditation panel. Please refer to Sections 5.5 and 6 of the Guidance and Competences for GPwERs: Dermatology and Skin Surgery for further detail.

All candidates should read the Terms and Conditions [PDF] before they apply.

Forms New GPwERS GPwSIs previously accreditated against DH 2007/2011 guidelines

Portfolio of evidence submission form [Word]
(includes monitoring form, and declarations)

 √  √
Equal opportunities form [PDF]    
Evidence of former successful accreditation through an appropriate body
(for example a Deanery, clinical commissioning group, primary care trust)
 x  √
Form 1 Mini-CEX skin lesions [Word]
 √  x
Form 2 - Mini-CEX for inflammatory dermatoses [Word] (where applicable)  √  x
Form 3a – DOPS [Word] (where applicable)  √  x
Form 3b - DOPS [Word] (where applicable)  √  x
Form 4 - Learning diary [Word]  √  x
Form 5a - Patient survey - guidance, results and declaration [Word]  √  √
Form 5b - Patient survey questionnaire [PDF]  √  √
Form 5c - Patient survey data entry tool [Excel] (optional)    

Form 6 - Audit guidance [Word] Groups 2 & 3)
We are now providing a template for audits. We ask all candidates to use this from now on, but other formats will be accepted up until the 1st January 2020

RCGP skin surgery audit - data collection log [Word]    
Form 7a - Clinical supervisor report – new candidates [Word]  √  x
Form 7b - Clinical supervisor report – transition candidates [Word]  x  √
Unsupported applicant form [Word] (if applicable)    

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