Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration: Combined Programme route

Infographic of the CP route to the GP register

The CEGPR (Combined Programme) is for trainees who would like to combine part of the CCT programme with posts held earlier in their career which were not approved for general practice training. These may be formal training posts or substantive paid roles and may have been completed in the UK or overseas.

For more information about a career in general practice, please visit the Choose GP webpage by Health Education England.

It may be possible for some of your previous experience to contribute up to one year towards your GP training programme through the CEGPR (CP). The amount of time contributing will depend on the number of specialties you have relevant experience in, and the quality of evidence you can provide.


How to apply for the CEGPR (CP)

If you wish to apply through the CEGPR (CP) route, you must first apply to join a standard three year training programme through the GP National Recruitment Office (NRO).

Once you have been accepted onto a GP training programme you should discuss plans for your programme with your HEE local office or deanery as early as possible to make them aware that you wish to combine previous experience with your GP training. Ideally, this will be when you join the GP training programme and indicated on your first Form R, but you can apply at any time within the first six months of training.

Once your HEE local office or deanery confirm you may be eligible for the CEGPR (CP), they will ask you to provide evidence of your previous experience. This will be different for each applicant and will depend on the type of experience you are bringing with you. View and download a checklist for documenting previous experience [PDF].

Your deanery will review your evidence and send it to the RCGP Specialist Applications team with a recommendation for how much of your previous experience can contribute towards your training programme. The RCGP Specialist Applications team will consider the evidence and confirm whether they support the deanery recommendation or offer a different recommendation.

The final decision to shorten your training programme will be made by the ARCP Panel at the end of your ST1 phase of training, where the panel will consider your progress in ST1, the evidence you have provided of your previous experience, and the College recommendation. They will then confirm your programme length and if appropriate, enrol you on to the CEGPR (CP) programme.

If your CEGPR (CP) application is not successful, you can remain on your training programme and complete the full three year programme for CCT.

Once the CEGPR (CP) route has been confirmed, it is not possible to revert to the CCT programme.


Further information

For more information, please contact us.

How will my GP training programme be structured if I am successful in applying for CEGPR (CP)?

All CEGPR (CP) applicants must complete at least two years of training in an approved general practice training programme. The programme will include at least 12 months in hospital specialties and 12 months in general practice posts.

You will be required to complete ST1 (the first year of training) before a decision on the Combined Programme can be made. The period contributing to the training programme if the CEGPR (CP) application is successful will be counted towards your ST2 year.

The ST3 year must then also be completed in full, which is usually spent in general practice.

Please note that exam regulations only allow the AKT exam to be sat after entering ST2, and the CSA after entering ST3, so a CEGPR (CP) applicant may need to pass both exams within the ST3 year if a full twelve months is deducted from the training programme.

How will having a CEGPR (CP) instead of a CCT affect my ability to work as a GP?

A CEGPR (CP) and a CCT give the holder equal rights to work as a GP in the UK. However, the CEGPR (CP) may not give the same working rights within Europe or elsewhere in the world. Therefore, if you intend to work as a GP outside the UK, we would recommend you research the registration requirements in that country before applying for a CEGPR(CP)

I've already had my first transition ARCP, can I still shorten my programme and work towards a CEGPR(CP)?

The decision to be accepted onto the CEGPR (CP) route can only be made at the first transition ARCP at the end of your ST1 year.

If you decide you want to complete your training in less than three years and the ST1-ST2 transition panel has passed, you will not be eligible for a CEGPR (CP) but may be able to apply for a standard CEGPR. You should consult with your deanery and the RCGP if you wish to consider this.

Can posts completed outside the UK be used towards a Combined Programme application?

Yes. If you consider the experience is relevant to a GP training programme, you can apply to have any training posts or experience from anywhere in the world considered as part of a CEGPR (CP) application. We usually recommend that experience within the last five years would be most relevant.

What are the fees for a CEGPR(CP) application?

The fee for a CEGPR (CP) is the same as that of a CCT. The fee is set by the GMC and information about their fees can be found on the GMC website.


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