Learning general practice

General practice must work with all other disciplines to produce excellent generalist physicians guided primarily by the GMC's Outcomes for Graduates. To practise effectively in the NHS, both RCGP and SAPC believe all graduates should understand the core elements of general practice, as outlined below.

Each of the following principles is complemented with a learning and teaching aid that aims to support medical students and GP tutors alike. Each resource aims to provide the following:

  1. An introduction to the principle.
  2. A summary of the 'need to know' information.
  3. Examples of practical learning.
  4. Resource and references to further learning.

The following resources have been developed in conjunction with SAPC Heads of GP Teaching.


Considering the challenge and uncertainty posed by Covid-19, undergraduate general practice has been severely affected, with many community placements being cancelled across the UK. RCGP and SAPC believe it is important that medical students are provided with support and resource to further their learning at this time and have decided to accelerate the publication of their most recent work entitled 'Learning general practice' a comprehensive learning and teaching aid for medical students and GP tutors alike. 

Please note, these resources are in draft form, further work is required to ensure the resource is complete ahead of the 2020/21 academic year. Despite not being complete, the resources on offer are comprehensive and will provide valuable learning opportunities for medical students at this time. Further examples of good practice and self-directed learning resources for medical students can be found below.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the resources on offer, please contact Prof. Joe Rosenthal or Prof. Alex Harding, Co-Chairs of SAPC's Heads of GP Teaching Group.

Person-centred care

Person-centred care provides care that responds to individual personal preferences, needs and values and assures that what matters most to the person guides clinical decisions.

Population-centred care

The management of the health and social care of the practice population.

The social determinants of health

Quality of care

Information technology

Effective delivery of care

With an increasing number of people now living with multiple long-term conditions, it is more important than ever that patients can access services designed around their needs, led by expert medical generalists working in the community.

Expert generalism

The history of UK general practice

The current structure of UK general practice

The funding of UK general practice

International general practice

Scholarly general practice

Championing and cultivating the pragmatic wisdom and clinical scholarship at the heart of modern general practice.

Learning in general practice settings

Teaching in general practice settings

Research in primary care

Additional materials

Here are some additional educational resources developed by the RCGP to help further learning:

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