Society Partnership Scheme

The RCGP is committed to inspiring tomorrow's GPs and future leaders of the profession. We want to attract, engage and educate our future workforce by providing vibrant and engaging opportunities to experience general practice throughout your time at medical school.

The Society Partnership Scheme provides official recognition, greater resource and guidance to UK GP Societies. Societies are awarded different levels of partnership dependent on the stage they are at in their growth and development.

"The surge in the number of GP Society events is a sure sign of progress in the promotion of general practice within universities and a real tribute to the RCGP's hard work in supporting these societies. Facilitating collaboration between GP Societies in the coming years will help to create a powerful and inspired student network across the UK."  Alice James, former president of University of Bristol GP Society

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RCGP Society Partnership Scheme Quick Guide

About the scheme


Enjoy a stock of stash including T-shirts and a pop-up banner as well as careers literature, pens, post-it notes, and lanyards to give out at Freshers' Fair and other events. We will also give you a Google cardboard virtual reality headset oh which to show the DiscoverGP 360° experience. Make sure you don't give everything out at once, you'll want to keep a stock as the months go on!


Your funding is allocated based on your level of affiliation and will be issued in October. Got an ambitious plan for a new project or event? Don't forget that you can apply to the Society Development Fund, available to affiliated societies for one-off grants of up to £500. Apply at any time in the year using the application form.

Celebrating success

If you have not done so already, we would heartily recommend nominating your GP Society, or someone who has inspired and enabled students at your medical school to see general practice in a new or exciting way, for an Inspiring the Future Award. These awards celebrate the excellent work of people such as yourselves in inspiring the next generation of GPs.

Please make your nominations by 20 September using the nomination form.

30 Euston Square

RCGP visits

As an affiliated GP Society, you are welcome to a visit and tour of the home of general practice, RCGP HQ in London. We will fund and facilitate your time here, arranging access to leaders of the profession and our world class facilities including the MRCGP examination suite where possible. To take advantage, simply arrange for travel to be covered by your medical school and get in touch with the Discover GP Team.

Student with smartphone

Social media takeovers

We are keen to showcase the great work of GP Societies and would like to offer takeovers of our social media channels. Get in touch if your GP Society wants to raise their profile, showcase an exciting event, an ongoing campaign, or simply a day in the life of a medical student.

Levels of affiliation


A developing society may be small but they have a big appetite to make a difference. They have a strong vision for their future; they are finding their voice and creating local networks.

A developing society would benefit from the support and reputation of the RCGP and the chance to develop through training and networking with other GP Societies.

What do we get?

  • 2 GP Society Summit places
  • 1 RCGP Annual Conference Ticket
  • £100 Funding
  • 1 Stashbox
  • Pop Up Banner
  • Committee T-Shirts


Visionary GP societies have a proven track record of putting on fantastic events and aspire to become ‘leading’. They are engaging regularly with local RCGP and other networks to cultivate access to further opportunities.

A visionary society would benefit from the networking opportunities and possibilities for engaging with external stakeholders at events such as RCGP Annual Conference and GP Society Summit.

What do we get?

  • £150 Funding
  • 2 Stashboxes
  • 2 GP Society Summit places
  • 2 RCGP Annual Conference Tickets
  • Pop Up Banner
  • Committee T-Shirts


Leading GP societies are trailblazers in promoting general practice; their output is dynamic, innovative and authoritative. Leading societies are consolidating their voice on a national level and looking to enhance their reach, impact and legacy.

A leading society would benefit from tapping into RCGP’s national networks and gaining greater access to decision makers in primary care.

What do we get?

  • £200 Funding
  • 3 Stashboxes
  • 3 GP Society Summit places
  • 3 RCGP Annual Conference Tickets
  • Pop Up Banner

Key dates

Late August/Early September | Merchandise deliveries
Throughout September | RCGP Faculty Boards
2 September | Announcement of SPS status and Inspiring the Future Award nominees

Student/FY RCGPAC travel bursary deadline
Release of study leave letters for GP Society Summit and RCGPAC

9 September | Deadline for committee members to register for GP Society Summit
20 September | Deadline for Inspiring the Future Award Nominations
Throughout October | SPS funding distributed
23 October | GP Society Summit and Inspiring the Future Awards
24-26 October | RCGP Annual Conference
Throughout November | Regional Discover GP meetings
Throughout February | Discover GP Conferences

Key events

RCGP annual conference

In 2019-20, the Student Projects Group will evolve into the newly created GP Society Summit. On Weds 23 October 2019 the inaugural GP Soc Summit saw GP societies from across the UK come together at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool to share ideas and best practice, get inspired about the future, and hear from leaders of general practice. After meeting reps from other community groups across RCGP membership, the day culminated in a celebration of achievement; the Inspire Awards 2019. This included the Inspiring the Future Awards, which celebrate exemplary pupil, student, and foundation doctor engagement work.

Read more about the day here [PDF] 

The RCGP Annual Conference is a great space for medical students to come together to craft the future of general practice; discover what a career as a GP can offer; and forge invaluable relationships across the primary care landscape including leaders of the profession. At least one member of every affiliated GP Society must attend. The number of tickets issued to your GP Society will be dependent on your level of affiliation.
"RCGP Annual Conference in Liverpool was filled with an overwhelmingly infectious energy... a three day bustle of ideas, concepts and connections. The event provided a creative environment where thoughts were challenged and learning was a plenty.Emma Tonner, former president of University of Leeds GP Society

Welcome to Team GP


Students are the future of medicine and the future of our profession. Dedicated support, resource and expertise provided as part of the scheme, is designed to allow GP Societies, and their members, to become advocates for general practice and to experience the endless possibilities that a career as a GP can offer.

"The RCGP strives to enthuse and inspire tomorrow's GPs and we hope that our Society Partnership Scheme will allow GP Societies, and their members, to have an even more effective role in shaping the future of general practice." Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of RCGP Council

Discover GP team

We are based in RCGP London and work to improve student experience of general practice across the UK. Meet us around the country at events; in the GP Societies Facebook group; or email:

Your local RCGP faculty board are a group of advocates leading the agenda in your region. As part of the partnership scheme, you will be invited to link with your local faculty and will be expected to attend their board meetings. Find your faculty.

RCGP GP Societies

This Facebook group brings GP Societies together to collaborate, chat to one another and share ideas and opportunities. Join the group.

Your medical school

Your medical school should be very supportive; make sure you forge a relationship with your GP Head of Teaching as they will represent your needs within the medical school and can offer support and access to local networks.

FYs and AiTs

Near peers are great role models; we recommend that as a GP Society you aim to reach out to local foundation doctors and GP trainees and consider appointing an FY rep to your committee. To enhance your connections with your near peers locally, approach your local RCGP faculty and join the RCGP Foundation Doctors Facebook group.

GPs and local practices

Your local GP practices can offer exciting opportunities; from setting up audit schemes to speaking at events. Tips for maintaining your relationships can be found in the 'How to run a great event' toolkit below.


Gaining and retaining new members can be a tricky business. This toolkit will teach you how to clarify your society's mission; increase the quality of your society's output and enhance access to these across your student body - you will find it easier to recruit and retain members as a result. 

Marketing for membership [PDF]




Most GP Societies' output revolves around an extensive event schedule. An exciting event timetable can show the diversity of what your society, and general practice as a career, can offer. This toolkit will give you a head start on getting it right. 

How to run a great event [PDF]





Being able to run and lead a society successfully can be an art. Having the right people in the right places, coupled with strong leadership and a clear reason for being can transform and define a society. This toolkit should teach you how to become a high functioning and effective team, built on collaboration and communication.

Running and leading a successful committee [PDF]




Handover and succession planning

A good handover should equip you and your new committee with the knowledge, support and signposting needed to hit the ground running. For any GP Society to be effective and efficient in the long term, committees must turnover as seamlessly as possible. This toolkit will help you ensure that your group continues to go from strength to strength.

Handover and succession planning [PDF]

Scheme agreement

The Society Partnership Scheme is a formal agreement between the RCGP and any given GP Society that is reviewed on an annual basis. To become involved in the scheme, GP Societies must apply via the online application form.
In becoming affiliated with the RCGP through the Society Partnership Scheme, a GP Society shall...
  • Behave responsibly and in the best interest of the students, the university and the College they represent
  • Attend appropriate meetings, both locally and nationally
  • Maintain regular communication with their local RCGP faculty and the RCGP Discover GP Team
  • Encourage members to sign up to RCGP student membership
In return, the RCGP will...
  • Provide dedicated support and assistance via local RCGP faculties and the RCGP Discover GP Team
  • Provide training and support to all affiliated GP Societies 
  • Maintain regular channels of communication to ensure all parties are well informed regarding any current and future developments
  • Attend forums, meetings and events in the interest of students and GP Societies 
  • Provide financial support dependant on a GP Society's level of affiliation and access to a development fund

Being an advocate

Our very own research found that peer-to-peer engagement has a profound impact on the experience and perception of medical students towards general practice. We therefore wish to support and empower GP Societies to be our greatest advocates within their locality.

Throughout the year there will be numerous opportunities to engage in the College's campaigning activity and to ensure the College is considering the views and experiences of tomorrow’s GPs. To ensure you receive high-quality general practice experiences be sure to check out the 'Destination GP' report and the 'Fit for the future' report.

Proud to be a part of Team GP; how to use the RCGP brand

As part of the Society Partnership Scheme, your materials should feature one of the following:

  • Proudly supported by the Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Proud to be an RCGP Affiliated GP Society
  • Proud to be a part of #TeamGP

You can also use our branding which is available in this Dropbox

Please tag us on social media when posting and we will be happy to promote or get involved in the conversation.

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