In the modern world of health and social care we increasingly hear about the importance of good leadership. We are encouraged to think about how to develop our own leadership skills – it feels like it is almost as important as developing our clinical skills. Over time, the concept of leadership has become so important to me in my career. I have taken my learning and development from multiple sources – certainly from the people around me at practice level, those I have encountered whilst working in and with organisations like the RCGP, HEE and NHSE but also from formal educational programmes, particularly at the NHS Leadership Academy.

My reflection is that all of these have been helpful in various ways. The courses and the theory have helped me frame, what I feel, is the most important part – connection to individuals, teams and organisations. I have recognised the power of networking and I have realised the absolute importance of building human relationships with those around me. As we move into a world of collaboration between practices, within PCNs and out in the wider system the need for human connection and to seek to understand multiple perspectives is paramount. Balancing compassion and understanding with the ability to lead change whilst bringing others with them is, for me, the ultimate objective for a modern leader…..and continues to be a personal goal for me!

In this section, we offer some resources to help us think about these aspects of leadership. There are links to some great examples of this - Next Gen GP, the FMLM, NHS Collaborate amongst others and some videos of people reflecting their leadership experiences and sharing their thoughts on what is important to them.

We will continue to expand and build on this section over time - I hope you find it useful.

Professor Michael Holmes, Vice Chair (Membership & International)

Next Generation GP runs regular events, engaging with leaders in primary care and aimed at GP trainees and early career GPs (first 5-7 years).

The RCGP has been working closely with NHS Collaborate, which is a mutually supportive community of leaders across primary care.

RCGP Mentoring provides a place where members can support one another in their career growth and development.

The FMLM provide a mentoring scheme and is available to their members at any career stage. GPs might also wish to contact their local RCGP Faculty to see if any local mentorship schemes are available.

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