Compassionate, collaborative and inclusive leadership

There are many types of leadership in general practice and some of these will be explored in the following video stories. GPs with wide a variety of experiences speak about what leadership means to them and tell us about their personal leadership journeys. These will serve to inspire our members to realise their leadership potential.  We invite you to contribute your own story as we develop this resource.

What is 'good' leadership?

Leadership theories are aplenty but we strongly believe that compassionate, collaborative and inclusive models best contribute to excellent quality primary care at all levels.

Compassionate - we listen, understand and empathise with our patients and colleagues

Collaborative - we work with others to deliver real change for our patients, often across organisational boundaries and in increasingly complex structures, where traditional ‘top down’ relationships no longer have the same relevance

Inclusive - we 'connect with purpose' and involve others in the conversation to achieve better patient outcomes

Here are some ideas:

In this video, Dr Mike Holmes, Vice Chair, Membership & International talks about Leadership and what it means in different aspects of general practice, including the five pillars of leadership.

Download the key points from the video [PDF]

Am I a leader?

Leadership roles can be held by any GP at any stage of their career, and there are many different paths to leadership. In the video, below, Dr Roger Neighbour speaks about Zen and the Art of Leadership.

"In a way the consultation is a special case of leadership, consulting is about being an agent of helpfulness at the one-to-one level, and leadership is about being helpful on a potentially larger scale"

Dr Roger Neighbour

What next?

In our next phase of work, we will capture compassionate, collaborative and inclusive leadership capabilities as they are applied in general practice and signpost our members to specific resources to help them in with their leadership development.

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