Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration: Combined Programme route

The Combined Programme is for trainees who want to combine part of the CCT programme with posts held earlier in their career which were not approved for general practice training.

You should discuss plans to shorten your programme with your HEE local office or deanery as early as possible. You should then confirm this choice on your first Form R.

A firm decision to shorten your training (by up to a maximum of one year) can only be made at the first gateway ARCP Panel. This will be based on evidence of your previous experience and your progress in ST1.

View and download a checklist  for documenting previous experience.

You cannot revert to the CCT route once the outcome of your first ST1-ST2 ARCP Panel confirms that you can shorten your three year programme and follow the CEGPR(CP) route

In some instances you can shorten your programme after your first ARCP Panel has passed.  You should speak to your HEE local office or deanery to check that they are happy for you to complete a shortened programme. You will need to make an application for a standard CEGPR towards the end of your training. A standard application for CEGPR takes longer than applying through the CP route.

For individual advice, please contact your HEE local office or deanery and our team. 

You can find more information about the CP on the GMC website.


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