Who you will work with

Patients with long-term needs and multi-morbidities need a network of professionals around them to help organise and plan their ongoing care. A wide range of professional support GPs to provide care that is truly designed around the patients’ needs.

There are many kinds of professional that GPs will work with, alongside fellow GPs.

Practice Managers

Along with secretarial, administrative and reception staff Practice Managers manage the overall running of practices.

They undertake business planning, manage financial systems and personnel, build effective patient participation and lead quality assurance systems across the business.

Trained non clinical staff support GPs by helping patients navigate the healthcare system and access primary care services. they will also handle paperwork to free up the GP’s time.

General Practice Nurses

General Practice Nurses work with GPs and other nursing team members, such as healthcare support workers and advance nurse practitioners, to deliver several responsibilities.

These can include management of long-term conditions and other specialist areas such as:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • seeing vulnerable groups of children
  • mental health
  • patients with learning disabilities.

They carry out a variety of activities such as:

  • venepuncture
  • screening
  • vaccinations
  • injections
  • blood pressure monitoring
  • sexual health services

Nurses with advanced assessment skills and prescribing training are also able to manage acute illness and injuries.

Community Nurses

Community Nurses visit people in their homes or in residential care homes to provide care for patients and supporting family members.

They regularly assess healthcare needs of patients and families and monitor the quality of care they are receiving. They increasingly work in integrated care teams in conjunction with:

  • GPs
  • secondary care
  • local authorities
  • social services
  • voluntary agencies

Clinical Pharmacists

A new role in the NHS, Clinical Pharmacists are part of an NHS England pilot. They provide advice to support GPs when prescribing medicines for patients and contribute to maximising the benefit patients receive from taking medication. They can help manage medication, long term and multiple conditions. This might be monitoring repeat prescription and ensuring patients are taking the appropriate medication.

Medical Assistant

A new and evolving role which combines administrative support with carrying out basic clinical task and observations, such as performing routine tests and helping people monitor their conditions. This frees up time for GPs to concentrate on more demanding tasks.

Physician Associate

Another evolving role that follows a two year postgraduate diploma or an MSc, they:

  • take histories
  • perform examination
  • make simple clinical diagnoses
  • interpret test results

They will typically see patients with acute minor illnesses and always work under the supervision of a GP.


Often working in general practice, Physiotherapists support GPs by helping patients:

  • maximise their movement and function
  • reduce the impact of long term conditions
  • prevent problems from developing


When working in primary care, Paramedics carry out a similar role to physician associates:

  • take histories
  • examine and managing urgent cases

They assess the patient’s condition and make initial decisions about treatment, often saving GPs from needing to leave the surgery.

Mental Health Therapists

Help GPs look after the psychological wellbeing of their patients. They provide interventions such as talking therapies and self help for people with common mental disorders like anxiety or panic attacks. As well as provide support in the coordination of care and signposting patients to additional services and community resources.

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