Career options for GPs

GPs can move between many different roles and locations throughout their careers, and can build flexible working patterns around the needs of their patients as well as their personal lives. Many GPs are already pioneering new ways of working. These roles present new medical challenges that require additional clinical skills and innovative ways of providing patient care.

“As an out of hours GP, I’m there when patients’ surgeries are shut. It’s a real privilege to help people at their most desperate - supporting over the phone, seeing them in the treatment centre or going to patients’ homes to make a difference at the end of their life. Providing care outside of hours means patients die in dignity at home.”

Dr Rebecca Payne | Out of Hours GP, South Wales


A GP partner part-owns the practice and their income comes from the money the practice makes, which means it is dependent upon the success of the practice. They are responsible for staffing, performance management, premises and financial accountability.


A salaried GP is an employee of the practice, or another organisation. The GPs salary is agreed between the GP and their employer.


A locum GP temporarily provides services where there is a short-term need, such as when a practice is short-staffed or another GP is absent. Typically, they are paid for each session they work.

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