About general practice

General practice provides continuing person centred health care to patients in their communities.

GPs and GP led multi disciplinary teams manage the widest range of health problems of and look after patients’ wellbeing throughout their lives:

  • providing both systematic and opportunistic health promotion
  • making accurate diagnoses and risk assessments
  • dealing with multi-morbidity
  • coordinating long-term care
  • physical, social and psychological aspects

GPs are also involved in deciding how health and social services should be organised to deliver safe, effective and accessible care to patients in their communities.

General practitioners

“There is arguable no more important job in modern Britain than that of the family doctor. GPs are by far the largest branch of British medicine. A growing and ageing population, with complex health conditions, means that personal and population-orientated primary care is central to and country’s health system. As a recent BMJ headline put it, if general practice fails, the whole NHS fails”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive NHS England 

GPs are expert medical generalists who provide the first point of contact with the NHS for most people in their communities.

They may deal with any medical problem. They provide continuity of care to patients and their families, and communities.

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