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Webinars - November 2020

RCGP Wales has an established history of running and supporting widening-access events for school pupils across Wales. These face to face events occur in both South and North Wales and receive the support and active participation of colleagues from both Medical Schools within Wales. The Circumstances brought about by the pandemic in 2020 resulted in a change in the formatting and delivery and saw a move to an online delivery model. This model was developed over the Summer of 2020 and used for the first time in November 2020.

On Wednesday 18 November 2020, RCGP Wales hosted four widening-access webinars, all running simultaneously. Two for school students (one English and one Welsh language) and two for parents (one in each language stream). On the day, over 200 students and parents logged on to participate in the webinar. Students attended from 42 schools across the whole of Wales. The event was facilitated by 23 volunteers made up of practicing GPs and current medical students from both Cardiff and Swansea Medical schools.

The key resources used and created for the webinar can be found using the links below:

Student Webinar - So, you want to be a Doctor?

If you would like to view just a specific section of this webinar, please see the timings (hr:min:sec) below for you to be able to forward to:

  •   Getting into Medical School 00:12:34
  •   So, You want to be a Doctor 00:55:45
  •   Medical School Interviews 01:37:20
  •   Making the Right Career Choice 02:14:52
  •   Being a Medical Student 02:55:50
  •   Webinar Review and Close 03:37:46

Full Student Webinar Presentation Deck English [PDF]

Full Student Webinar Presentation Deck Welsh  [PDF]

Webinar - A parent's guide to getting into medical school

Full Parent Webinar Presentation Deck English [PDF]

Full Parent Webinar Presentation Deck Welsh [PDF]

Webinar FAQs [PDF]

More Resources

RCGP resources:

Values and ethics activity sheets:

Personal statement resources:

Other useful documents / videos to refer to:

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