Treating Access: a toolkit for GP practices to improve their patients' access to primary care

Treating Access

A toolkit that improves access to appointments, treatments and information.

For patients, good access to their general practice is important, and many practices in Scotland provide an excellent level of access for patients.

The treating access toolkit, originally commissioned by the Scottish Government in 2010 and developed by a short life working group chaired by RCGP Scotland, has been updated to reflect the changes of a constantly evolving general practice discipline, with new pressures and new ways of working.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and RCGP Scotland have recently collaborated to develop a Quality Framework for Scottish General Practice. This work not only describes the wide range of quality work being currently carried out in Scottish general practice but also highlights areas where work has to be done to improve the overall quality of our service. Updating this toolkit was one such area. New areas of advice have been included, for example the use of flow methodology and GP triage in the diagnosis and treatment options sections. The toolkit is complementary to the Access work in the 2013-14 Scottish GMS contract, and is especially useful as it provides additional ideas for improvement in access.

Both Healthcare Improvement Scotland and RCGP Scotland hope that this new version will lead to improvements in access which will be of benefit to both our practices and our patients.

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