RCGP Scotland AiT and First5 Committee

The RCGP Scotland AiT and First5 committee was formed in January 2016 as one of the governance committees of RCGP Scotland.

The committee consists of one AiT and one First5 representative from the five Scottish faculties, four ballot members, elected by the membership in Scotland and one additional member, recommended by the committee Chair.

The committee was formed as a sub-committee of RCGP Scottish Council, which it reports directly to and is governed by. The aim of the committee is to give a voice to the future of general practice by discussing areas of policy and membership that directly affect AiTs and First5. The chair of the committee is a member of Scottish Council as well as the RCGP Scotland Membership Engagement Group.

Over the past two years the committee has produced papers relating to GP training and Out of Hours. These can be found below. Its current priorities are trainee and First5 well-being, welcome and transition events for AiTs and First5s and the primary-secondary care interface, which it will be investigating in conjunction with the RCGP Scotland Executive Officer for Interface and Out of Hours Working.

The committee welcomes any input from members across Scotland and can be contacted at: infoscotland@rcgp.org.uk

If your query is specific to one particular faculty or individual, please include this in the subject line so that it can be appropriately dealt with.

The 4th RCGP Scotland AiT and First5 Committee is as follows:

  • Chair - Dr Ciara Drummond
  • Deputy Chair - Dr Joy Ngai
  • North East AiT Representative - Dr Emer Pringle
  • North East First5 Representative - Dr Douglas Naismith
  • South East AiT Representative - Dr Katherina Tober
  • South East First5 Representative - Dr Sukhdeep Gill
  • West AiT Representative - Dr Gorkem Hamali
  • West First5 Representative - Dr Monica McGeough
  • East AiT Representative - Dr Mohamed Elseedawy
  • East First5 Representative - Dr Eilidh O'Neil
  • North AiT Representative - Dr Owain Prys-Jones
  • North First5 Representative - Dr Daniel Simpson
  • AiT Ballot - Dr Joy Ngai
  • AiT Ballot - Dr Lloyd Hughes
  • First5 Ballot - Dr John Kyle
  • First5 Ballot - Dr Ciara Drummond
  • Additional Member - Dr Andrew Strain


RCGP Scotland


020 3188 7730

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