NE and NC London Primary Care Staff Awards 2020

Primary Care Awards Nominees 2020

We were overwhelmed by nominations of gratitude for our awards to value people, who deliver care in our NHS General Practice communities in North Central and East London that comprise our RCGP NEL Faculty patch.

These nominations revealed the quiet, inspiring and most remarkable work that is done minute-by-minute, day-by-day by generous people working in our General Practice communities.

So why does gratitude matter?

NEL-NCL-Primary-Care-Awards-2020-Image-NewIt matters because the evidence shows that enhancing appreciation in organisations at different levels (individual, relational, organisational, inter-organisational) promotes performance, positive relationships, healthy workers, and healthy organisations.

Read about Gratitude in Organizations: A Contribution for Healthy Organizational Contexts

Ninety people, from all roles in the General Practice Team, were recognised for their care but we know in this new world where numbers don't necessarily tell the truth, that pretty much all of the 10,000 people who work in our NEL Faculty area, are deserving of this expression of gratitude.

And these 90 people were nominated long before the COVID-19 wind of change, brought an eerie intensity to our work in primary care, calling on all of us to step into new roles with more love and courage in how we work each other and with our patients.

For each person nominated we wish to shout out: 'Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for your care in making our world a kinder place!'

Dr Liliana Risi Provost RCGP NEL Faculty
Special message from Dr Risi

List of Honorary Nominees of NE and NC London Primary Care Staff Awards in their respective categories

General Practitioner Award

Nominee: Shabnam Ali

Place of work: Ilford Medical Centre

About the nominee: Dr Ali has been inspirational on many levels. She champions the cause of patients within our practice, has helped nurture and develop our PP group, has designed and created a customer services programme which has culminated in our practice appointing what we believe is the first 'customer services training manager' position within a GMS practice in London.

She has single-handedly brought care navigation to Redbridge and is now a leading light on the social prescribing board. In addition, she mentors 3 clinical pharmacists within our practice, is a clinical supervisor for foundation doctors, is our PCN cd and a board member of our federation. She also represents GP's on the PCCC. Despite this she still dedicates time to bring up 2 young daughters.

Born and bred in east London she is the epitome of a well-rounded traditional GP. An inspiration to all that know her! Perhaps the most exceptional GP I have worked with. Extremely caring, patients love her, superbly supportive to staff. Always willing to help a colleague. Clinically excellent.

Nominee: Ishi Bains

Place of work: East One Health Surgery

About the nominee: Following a traumatic birth herself she felt that the post-natal care in Tower Hamlets is lacking. As a responsible GP she doesn't want her patients to go through the same difficulties as she has experienced. And set out to improve the post-natal care and pathways within Tower Hamlets.

While still on Maternity leave she has organised and presented the first ever PLT in Tower Hamlets on post-natal care. She ensured patients receive the optimum post-natal care both for the physical and mental health, increased awareness of referral process and services available to patients and produced a service redesign. She also did changes in the EMIS template on post-natal care which makes it easier for GPs to work with during consultations with patients. Her actions are exemplary and inspiring.

Subsequently she is made the LARC Clinical Lead in Tower Hamlets to provide a better contraception service.

Nominee: Phillip Bennett-Richards

Place of work: Tower Hamlets

About the nominee: Dr Bennett-Richards us an exemplary GP, Colleague and leader. His selfless attitude towards his patients and colleagues is exemplary. He has been a leader in education for many years, including influencing younger GPs to look up to him and committing to deliver the best quality care to our local population.

Dr Bennett-Richards is also a pioneer in integrated care and joined up working. He has demonstrated this through his founding member role in developing integrated partnership working in Tower Hamlets and being the chair of the local multi professional training network. Dr Bennett-Richard is a keen supporter of co-production and environmental friendly initiatives undertaken locally such as climate crisis movement.

Nominee: Kirsten Brown

Place of work: Springhill Practice

About the nominee: This doctor works especially hard to ensure all the staff are supported in the right way, she goes beyond herself to ensure patients are cared for and looked after.

Nominee: Judith Cavendish
Place of work: Supreme Medical Centre

About the nominee: Dr Judith Cavendish is the longest serving GP in Barnet. She has a strong and unbroken partnership for nearly 4 decades. She is a Popular GP in the community, she has excellent clinical knowledge and skills. She deserves her award in recognition of her being a working GP for 4 decades.

Nominee: Leon Clark
Place of work: Chrisp Street Health Centre

About the nominee: Patients and staff frequently comment on how this GP goes above and beyond his line of duty. Extremely kind and approachable, thorough and meticulous with extraordinary teaching skills, never misses an opportunity to teach junior staff.

Nominee: Deborah Colvin
Place of work: Lawson Practice

About the nominee: Dr Deborah Colvin is a visionary, respected, and inspirational GP leader in City & Hackney. A GP in Hackney since 1986, Deborah is a transformational and prescient GP leader within the local health and social care system, who has made a significant contribution to London-wide work. She led City & Hackney LMC as Chair for 14 years from 2002. In 2013, she led work with local GP colleagues to establish the City & Hackney Urgent Healthcare Social Enterprise, to deliver GP out-of-hours services, which she Chaired until 2015.

Deborah is an exceptional strategic and imaginative thinker and has a strong track-record around developing innovative, patient-centred, long term service solutions at a population level. A determination to improve things for patients is absolutely at the centre of everything Deborah does. Deborah founded, established and leads one of the most high-performing, innovative and leading-edge GP Confederations in the country.

Nominee: Ruth Crowley
Place of work: Avon Road Surgery

About the nominee: I believe Dr Ruth Crowley is highly motivated and hard-working member of the South Havering PCN. She works hard not only for her own practice but goes beyond for other practices and GP’s within Havering. She does this mostly in her own time even having been on maternity leave. She inspires other to do their best and is an incredible GP I have come across who deserves to have this award.

Nominee: Shahid Dadabhoy
Place of work: The Microfaculty

About the nominee: Shahid accepted a posthumous award for his father last year. His dad was always so pleased and so proud of him for not only keeping the flame of traditional family care going but for expanding, always modernising and developing his practice and teaching so generously.

Nominee: Judith Gavin
Place of work: Handsworth Medical Practice

About the nominee: Dr Judith Gavin has taken an exemplary role taking on the roles of practice lead for integrated care and gold standards framework for many years. Always calm, always kind helping to build teamwork if across organisations for the benefit of patient care and not recognised enough.

Nominee: Brian Geffin
Place of work: Southgate Surgery 

About the nominee: Dr Geffin is a Senior Partner, COPD and Asthma Lead for Surgery, CQC Lead for Practice, GPES Lead, IT Lead for the Surgery, Endocrine Lead and Clinical Governance Lead. Dr Geffin is supervising and mentoring a newly qualified GP who works as salaried GP in his Practice. Dr Geffin is running very efficient and friendly practice with high QoF.  

The practice has an active Patients Participation Group and Dr Geffin often reads the minutes of their meetings and would respond to the points raised. He keeps up to date with new developments.

Dr Geffin is involved in his staff education and he makes himself available to discuss any patient treatment and problems with doctors or nurses and gives them appropriate journal articles to read in order to keep them updated on new developments. Dr Geffin is a highly respected GP and provides excellent care for his patients, colleagues and staff.

Nominee: Tim Gerrard
Place of work: The Muswell Hill Practice

About the nominee: Tim is one of the best examples of a GP you are likely to come across. He is kind, caring and a terrific clinician with stupendous attention to detail and has provided an exemplary service as a full time GP over thirty years. His contribution to training has been outstanding. He retired on the 31 March 2020.

Nominee: Karen Grossmark
Place of work: PHGH Doctors

About the nominee: I have worked with Karen for 23 years. She is out outstanding leader. She is multifaceted in her approach to everything and realises there are always different ways of looking at problems. She is inclusive of all our staff. She listens to any issues that arise from the shop floor of General Practice and will think - How can we turn that around? How can we improve that for the patient journey?

Karen has bounds of energy and is always in a good mood. She loves change and manages to put words into action. In the last year she has initiated Group Consultations for patients with Diabetes and Asthma. She has been instrumental in setting up our wonderful team of volunteers who work in our waiting room directing patients. She exudes positivity which is contagious and disseminates through our team during educational meetings and team building exercises. She is deserving of some recognition for 28 years in General Practice.

Nominee: Sally Higginbottom
Place of work: James Wigg Practice

About the nominee: Dr Higginbottom is quite simply the most incredible GP, who balances a wide range of roles with the highest quality of clinical general practice you can imagine. She is a highly regarded trainer, appraiser, and mentor and writes educational modules for the RCGP. She is a SPIN programme director, supporting GPs in creating inspiring portfolio careers. In short, she is amazing.

Nominee: Nazmul Hussain
Place of work: Wordsworth Health Centre

About the nominee: Doctor Hussain has been an outstanding Quality Improvement Champion for Newham. His work has been recognised locally and nationally. His fantastic work in QI has resulted in improved patient and staff satisfaction, safety in prescribing (EMIS protocols for DMARD and Lithium), efficiency in workflow (50% reduction), reduction in prescribing costs (for example, EMIS vitamin D protocol, helicobacter pylori) and getting an outstanding in 'well led' rating in CQC inspection. He has strived hard to improve patient care through QI and share good practice. 

Recently he has developed a smart search tool which has identified 56 extra patients suitable for CMC care plans. He is piloting the search tool with EOL London clinical network team in NHSE. The pilot phase is nearing an end and the tool is likely to be shared nationally. Dr Hussain is very creative, ambitious, innovative and a great team player and leader.

Dr Hussain has been an outstanding leader for end of life care in Newham. He has led at the STP level and London NHSE on exciting QI projects. He has worked on projects to increase CMC care plans and improve their quality. For example, in March 2018 the number of CMC care plans was 719 in Newham. Through his QI work and colleague engagement the number has increased to 2031 (February 2020, CMC source). This has resulted in earlier identification of patients with more patient centred care.

He has tirelessly worked with providers to optimise patient centred care through running workshops and educational training sessions on end of life care. His work with colleagues has resulted in a successful one million-pound MacMillan bid for Newham end of life care. He has piloted projects around EOL care such as the EOL Newham Champion and Marie Curie night sitters. 

Nominee: Meena Krishnamurthy
Place of work: Heron Practice

About the nominee: Meena has dedicated 33 years of her life to the growth, success and reputation of the Heron Practice. She has trained multiple GPs, at least two of whom went on to become partners at the practice.

In addition she has mentored countless members of staff and is known for being extremely approachable. She has been calmness personified in times of change and uncertainty and an example to everyone who has worked with her. She will be sorely missed by her patients and all the staff who have worked with her.

Nominee: Nick Mann
Place of work: Well Street Surgery

About the nominee: I think Nick deserves an award because the patients are very clearly at the heart of any care that he delivers. He will always give them all the time that they need (regardless of the appointment length) and consistently takes a holistic approach to their care by listening to them with an attentive ear, to actively try to identify not just medical but any other issues that may be contributing to their health problems.  

Nominee: Michaella McCoy
Place of work: Andover Medical Centre

About the nominee: Dr McCoy has been looking after a care home for over a year now. Systems within the care home are not well organised and there has been a number of challenges. However, Dr McCoy has worked closely with the team there and other members of a multi-disciplinary team to try to make sure that patients get the best care possible.

She works tirelessly, ensures she speaks to family members and involves them in decisions when patients are unable to. She has been known to get off a train to take a phone call about a patient and often works late. Her dedication and empathic and caring attitude should be celebrated.

Nominee: Anuj Patel
Place of work: Wentworth Medical Practice

About the nominee: Dr Patel has an amazing attitude. The care comes across as soon as he speaks. Nothing is too much trouble. He thinks about every one of his staff regardless of title. I would love him to be recognised for ALL the hard work he puts in every day.

Nominee: Rini Paul
Place of work: City Road Medical Centre

About the nominee: Rini has been inspirational in developing Integrated Community Schwartz Rounds in Islington through Islington Training Hub. The Integrated Schwartz Community Rounds are a first in the country bringing in primary, community, social care colleagues together to reflect in a safe environment. Rini managed this first with great passion. She has led this vision with commitment and determination working through any barriers with a solution focussed positive attitude.

Once the rounds were established (with extremely hard work from Rini), Rini worked with panel members supporting them their stories and worked with the audience in each and every round supporting them to feel safe to come out with their reflections, experiences which were drawn from personal as well as professional parts of their lives. Overall more than 900 staff supported through the rounds indicating that the rounds enable them to reduce their isolation and reassures them that they are part of a bigger team.

Nominee: Anna Pilkington
Place of work: Queensbridge Group Practice

About the nominee: Anna was one of the founding Partners at QGP retiring after 32 years and has been an inspirational leader within the Practice leaving the practice in a strong position, having ushered in the next generation of practice manager, nurses, partners, salaried GPs, receptionist, administrators. She gets the best out of her colleagues. She has also been a GP Trainer for many years and gives an exceptional level of clinical care to her patients and is kind and compassionate with staff with a remarkable eye for detail.

Her kindness, compassion and true dedication to patients and staff is unrivalled and she is an exceptional role model. Anna's ethos has been to give the patients the best possible experience from front of house to when the patients see her or other members of the team. She is an excellent role model not just as a GP but as a human being. 

Nominee: Jennie Read
Place of work: St Stephen's Health Centre E4

About the nominee: Jennie is well known to almost every GP in Tower Hamlets who has worked at night because she has nurtured a safe, collegiate working environment in the ever-evolving Out of Hours Service over many years. Despite endless configurations she has been tireless in her commitment to care for Tower Hamlets residents outside of working hours. She is indefatigable and an inspiration in her delivery of relationship-based care at the Limehouse practice over the past 20 years. She is well loved by both patients and colleagues.

Nominee: Nadia Saeed
Place of work: The Loxford Practice

About the nominee: She is an extraordinary Dr, who goes out of her way to care for patients and her colleagues. She is very hardworking and committed to ensuring work is completed efficiently and effectively. She is committed to improving patient health and wellbeing.

Nominee: Sarah Shelley
Place of work: Millway Medical Practice/NHS Barnet

About the nominee: Sarah has been an absolutely fantastic Macmillan GP Lead for End of Life Care (EOLC) and has helped to transform the way in which Barnet GPs engage with EOLC services and get involved in creating digital crisis plans for EOLC patients. She has been instrumental in engaging with primary care, getting more and more practices access to the digital crisis plan tool (coordinate my care or CMC) and strengthening links between GPs and the community specialist palliative care team.

Nominee: Harjit Singh
Place of work: Granville Medical Centre

About the nominee: He despite various challenges drove integration and facilitated collaborative working amongst GPs and secondary care consultants to reduce inappropriate referrals and decisions on care most needed with reducing the inappropriateness of long waiting times for treatment.

Nominee: Tessa Sturt
Place of work: Albion Health Centre

About the nominee: For the past 30 years Dr Tessa Sturt has been a GP at Albion Health Centre, located in Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets which is one of the most deprived areas of the country. Dr Sturt is a warm, caring, patient and very approachable doctor who is particularly well-liked by patients and staff.

She works tirelessly and often stays late to finish and complete tasks after others have gone home. Many patients are from the South Asian community who do not speak English. There is a high level of patients with long term conditions and mental health problems. Dr Sturt is one who will go the extra mile for the patient. She has taught medical students and been the lead GP for the nursing team and always been supportive and approachable. She is planning to retire soon, and I would love to see her receive recognition for all her hard work.

Nominee: Polly Wootton
Place of work: Killick Street Health Centre

About the nominee: I work with Polly at Killick Street Health Centre. She is one of the most caring GPs I have ever worked with. She always goes above and beyond what is expected for her patients. She truly provides patient-centred care, she treats all patients with dignity and respect taking into account not only their health problems, but also their personal, cultural and social needs.

Practice Nurse Award

Nominee: Ruth Amartey

Place of work: CCG & STP

About the nominee: A joy to work with, Ruth Amartey has built a very strong Education and Learning environment in Waltham Forest for all nursing staff working in Primary Care. As the Training Hub's lead Nurse, this champion of the nursing profession works with senior colleagues across the system to bring about change and support. 

The establishment of WF nursing network has ushered in improved quality of nursing staff so much so that nurses in other boroughs have asked for the model to be replicated. She ensures nursing staff enjoy working in the borough and are supported when they are in post. The network is a fantastic example of what retention support should look like. 

Working alongside system colleagues at Barts, BHRUT, NELFT, Ruth brings a knowledge of primary care that is unparalleled. As a compassionate leader for nursing staff she deserves to be recognized for the support she gives so many.

Nominee: Patricia Baldeo

Place of work: DE Beauvoir Surgery

About the nominee: Patricia is a BAME leader of the future and well deserving of this nomination. I have great pleasure in nominating her. She has made the transition from secondary care to primary care and has excelled in her role as a practice nurse. She is very passionate about the services provided to patients registered with her practice. She is respected by patients, colleagues and her peers. Patients and colleagues speak very highly of her and are supportive of this nomination.

Patricia has completed the North East London GPN leadership programme which has given her the ambition to work towards becoming a leader of the future. Patricia has gained experience and knowledge about primary care and the unique contribution of practice nurses. She uses this knowledge to provide outstanding care to her patients as well as supporting the learning and development of others.

Nominee: Ceri Burton

Place of work: Dockland Medical Centre

About the nominee: When I started in the Open Doors programme Ceri was co-mentoring me and I've witnessed her expertise which amazes me but her core nursing caring attitude with patients, how she will empathize and wear her heart on her sleeve is what makes her such a special nurse.

She has mentored me by demonstrating the essence of emotional intelligence, shown me the caring compassionate manner to care for patients and families in primary care and encourage me to always go the extra mile to ensure people always receive outstanding care. We all want to say 'Thank You' to this awesome nurse!

Nominee: Pauline Choa

Place of work: Swiss Cottage Surgery

About the nominee: Pauline has worked in the same place for over 20 years. A hard working nurse who has always gone the extra mile to help and support her colleagues. She is a brilliant nurse; provides excellent care for all her patients. All patients love her.

Nominee: Susan Cummings

Place of work: Camden and Islington FT and IGPFED

About the nominee: Susan is a dedicated nurse who goes above and beyond in her role, she is highly supportive of her team and will work endlessly to achieve positive outcomes for all her patients.

Nominee: Saloni Gaglani

Place of work: James Wigg and Queens Crescent Practices

About the nominee: Sal has also worked in Tower Hamlets implementing the Open Doors programme, a practice nurse development programme. Within the practice she has led and supported a team of nurses and supported the practice in redeveloping our travel appointments, management of diabetes, improving our patient outcomes and also with implementing group consultations. At the heart of all this work is her commitment to excellent patient care and her positivity is infectious. She is truly amazing.

Nominee: Zuzana Khan

Place of work: Vicarage Lane Health Centre

About the nominee: Zuzana puts 110% effort into everything she does. She is trustworthy and committed. She leads the way in knowledge, ability and good advice. She has transcended the practice to shine as PCN clinical director and is making positive changes throughout NE London.

Zuzana has a strong sense of fairness and of doing things the right way to a very high standard. She is determined to improve whatever she is a part of. Her opinion is wise and considered. She is well read and as such her comments and advice are perceptive and valued. She is charismatic, popular and motivational to all. We are very proud of her!

Nominee: Fiona Leggett

Place of work: Somerford Grove Medical Centre

About the nominee: Fiona is our practice nurses forum chair. She is fantastic in communicating information and keeping us up to date with new changes. She organises our forums very well. Lunch is arranged and everyone is always happy which is a fantastic incentive. She is always helpful and volunteers when a named person is required for particular activities. She cascades emails and information very well and types up the minutes from the forum and sends to everyone efficiently. She is certainly a role model and a fantastic nurse. Fiona is trustworthy, helpful, efficient in her job and deserves a recognition.

Nominee: Elia Monteiro

Place of work: Island Medical Centre & Hurley

About the nominee: I think she goes the extra mile for all our patients, she takes care of them and reminds them of their upcoming appointments, she always on time and will always see patients even if they are late. She is really professional and has an outgoing bubbly character.

Nominee: Lauren Nardo

Place of work: Lower Clapton Group Practice

About the nominee: Lauren has been the BEST nurse mentor for me I could ever have. She is supportive and always there to help. She is caring loyal and gives her 100% every day to her patients.

Nominee: Maddie Price

Place of work: Hampstead Group Practice

About the nominee: Maddie initially joined Hampstead Group Practice in the reception team. She has worked her way up through the practice from reception to a Health Care Assistant role. From there Maddie was encouraged to complete her return to practice nursing training, (not an easy task as a children's nurse). She secured a role as a junior practice nurse at the surgery, and now as a senior GPN capacity supports other junior clinical staff and practice nurses with their own learning and development.

Her career pathway through the surgery has enabled her to have a unique perspective on the running of the practice appreciate different roles at the practice and has enabled her to gain confidence to become an extremely accomplished GPN. She has worked tirelessly to obtain her nursing registration and has begun her career within General Practice with grit and determination. Her thoroughness and attention to detail is exemplary and the surgery is extremely lucky to have her. She epitomizes so many aspects of the GPN 10-point plan and for this she should be commended. She is also a dream to work with!

Nominee: Helen Snowden

Place of work: Chrispstreet Health Centre

About the nominee: Helps everyone, from patients to colleagues. Never says no, most reliable and caring person I know. We could not cope without her. Most selfless person who will always help no matter what.

Health Care Assistant Award

Nominee: Bianca Brown

Place of work: Statham Grove Surgery

About the nominee: Bianca joined the surgery without nursing experience, has completed her Advanced HCA training and is studying at University to become a Nursing Associate. She is passionate about becoming the best that she can be, is a truly kind and caring person and a joy to work with.

Bianca juggles home life, studying and work with a big smile, always being supportive of the team. She is wonderful with her patients, passionate about giving good care and highly-regarded by patients and colleagues. 

Bianca has aspirations to become a registered nurse and would be excellent in this role. Bianca put herself forward to facilitate our first group consultations, seeing benefits for patients and staff. Passionate about making positive change, approaching the project with enthusiasm and commitment. Bianca is happy to do things that may be daunting to her for the benefit of her patients, and the chance to develop her skills and confidence.

Nominee: Sarah Cosgrave

Place of work: Clerkenwell Medical Practice

About the nominee: Sarah has been an outstanding member of our practice team. She has gone above and beyond her duty of care specifically when helping a vulnerable elderly patient living alone, whose hot water and electricity had failed during the winter. In her own time after her shift ended she bought him food, alerted social services and local social prescribing services, took him home and fixed his boiler herself, ensured he was in a safe and warm environment with hot food and water, made sure he was washed and continues to follow up his care weekly. 

Using her excellent IT skills, she has also set up a new system for recall for long term conditions reviews combining diagnoses together to reduce duplication and multiple calls to patient, so they attend for a single holistic review rather than multiple checks. This has increased both patient and staff satisfaction.

Nominee: Sanjay Dave

Place of work: Camden GP Federation, Holborn Medical Centre

About the nominee: Dave has established himself as a valued and exemplary member of the clinical teams that he has been working with in General Practice. He has gone on to develop extended roles where his knowledge and skills are now sought out by other local practices. His understanding and awareness of health economics around General Practice, quality improvements, skills mix, and performance targets has been developed to such a high standard that his skills extend far beyond his clinical role.  He is a clinical leader who has achieved success from a position as a health care assistant, and this in itself needs to be recognised and celebrated.

Nominee: Davinia Laforce

Place of work: The Nightingale Practice

About the nominee: Davinia worked as a volunteer taking blood at a doctor's surgery before embarking on her apprenticeship. She constantly pushed herself and demonstrated excellent professionalism, diplomatic skills and patience, while completing her training. Davinia dreams of becoming a nurse and is planning to take a Nursing Associate apprenticeship.

Practice Manager Award

Nominee: Susan Byrne

Place of work: Granville medical Centre, Ilford

About the nominee: Coordinating all diaries for a successful integrated MDT across secondary care and primary care. Leading as a coordinating practice alongside Dr Singh the coordinating GP for a successful project on AF management.

Nominee: Meher Hossain

Place of work: Gough Walk

About the nominee: Meher has managed Gough Walk through a period of transition, where its list size doubled rapidly. He has created a healthy team environment where clinicians and administrators work closely for the benefit of their patients.

Nominee: Husseyin Bayram

Place of work: East One Health Surgery

About the nominee: He has been a stable factor to our surgery and patients within our local organisation in Tower Hamlets. Before he joined East one Health, our practice was disorganised. He brought stability by engaging with every member of staff and ensuring that everyone is happy with their responsibilities, encouraging skill mix and remunerated accordingly. He organised an Away Day to establish a better and more efficient patient journey and getting involved in Patient Participation Group. He ensured there is a better communication between patients and the surgery by championing telephone consultations and e-consult.

He has introduced innovation to ensure a well organised practice, for example, Bright HR, a workforce tool, Xero software for practice accounting. Return to Work policies has reduced staff absences by supporting and understanding their absences. He is also a Board member of Network and has contributed enormously to the success of Network 4. He does an excellent job at spinning plates and balancing skills and budgets.

Nominee: Ian Jackson

Place of work: Bromley By Bow Health

About the nominee: Ian is an inspirational leader and manager like no other. He has brought all tower hamlets together by organising a summit, chairs our organisation, our PCN, and tower hamlets PM forum and drives our population health vision.

Nominee: Harleen Kaur

Place of work: Lynwood Medical Centre

About the nominee: Harleen deserves an award as she is the backbone of the practice. She brings great leadership, enthusiasm and experience in developing robust and efficient teams to deliver day to day general practice as well as promoting a friendly and caring GP environment whilst keeping the patient at the heart of their values. Harleen believes in using innovative quality improvement methodologies to be able to make scalable changes to their way of working.

For example, Harleen led a practice QI project on DNAs. In the 13,000-patient practice offering in excess of 5500 appointments a month, there were about 200 DNAs (Did Not Attend) equivalent to 12 GP sessions costing the practice in excess of £35,000 per year. The QI project aim was to reduce DNA rate by 25% as Harleen identified a save to invest project. Not only was there 2400 wasted appointments per year, there was a clear need to make these appointments available for patients. 

Through evaluated changes, Harleen's project not just achieved the target but vastly surpassed it reducing DNAs by 75% consistently every month for last three months. The efficiencies made by this smarter and improved way of working resulted in approx. 150 freed up appointments available for patients to utilise and increasing access and investment in to front line services. Scaling the project to PCN level has the potential to save approx. £200,000 and £700,000 at Havering borough level. 

Nominee: Mahesh Rajagopal

Place of work: Rosewood Medical Centre Practice Manager

About the nominee: Mr. Mahesh Rajagopal has got immense experience in primary care and has got sufficient management skills. He is very honest and sincere in his work. I have noticed his as a calm and supporting manager to his staff. I feel this would be like a reward to him for all his hard work.

Nominee: Suki Rattu

Place of work: Claremont Clinic, Forest Gate, Newham, London

About the nominee: Suki has worked at Claremont Clinic for the last 31 years and is the beating heart of our busy but well-regarded practice. She embraces change but with a 100% commitment to the welfare of patients and staff at the practice.

She is without doubt an outstanding practice manager who tireless efforts on behalf of our practice are the main reason why it has gone from strength to strength over the years. We are so lucky to have her steering our team through the challenges of providing quality care to our practice population.

Suki has been our practice manager for 30 years! She started when the practice was in the front room of the founding partner's house. Since then she nurtured the practice as it has evolved: moving to a much larger building, a growing list and staff size, change of partners, and becoming a training practice for GP trainees. She is actively involved in the Primary Care Network making sure that we are all up to date.

She provides the 'social glue' to the practice having arranged practice trips, parties, in-house celebrations, and the annual secret Santa. She is proactive and positive and has been a steady, calm presence through all of our challenges including the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominee: Debbie Russell

Place of work: Stroudley Walk/Merchant street

About the nominee: I am nominating my practice manager Debbie Russell, as the care and compassion she has given me is outstanding. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the support this lady has given me is outstanding. She has supported and cared for me all the way through this hard journey the care and compassion she has given me is unbelievable I can never thank her enough for everything she has done for me and for our surgery she is a remarkable practice manager.

Nominee: Christiana Sakyi

Place of work: Albert Road Practice

About the nominee: I have worked with Christiana for 6 months and I have observed that she is conscientious, organised and approachable. She is a PM any GP would wish for.

Nominee: Saadet Sangha

Place of work: Wordsworth Health Centre

About the nominee: Saadet has been an outstanding practice manager. She has worked very hard to lead the practice to achieve an outstanding rating in the well led CQC domain. She was the first practice manager in Newham to introduce chair-based exercise at the Wordsworth Health Centre. Since it was set up more than a year ago the number of patient participants has significantly increased. The weekly activity has resulted in reduction in social isolation, improved patient satisfaction and mental and physical wellbeing. Other practices have taken up chair-based activity.

She has also project led in looking after homeless people and those struck with severe poverty. Through her leadership the practice became a deposit hub for food collection. Weekly food deposits from patients are then taken to the local community centre for distribution. These are two of the fantastic projects she has led on. 

Nominee: Shahina Shariff

Place of work: Rosewood Practice

About the nominee: Shahina has worked for Rosewood Practice right from the beginning for over 25 years. She is extremely committed, loyal and goes out of her way to improve the practice and even works from home. She looks at the practice as her baby and has seen how it has grown with all her hard work. The practice always meets targets as it's a high performing practice and is one the highest in all indicators in Hackney, thanks to Shahina.

Shahina always looks out for her staff’s best interest and tries to improve and motivated staff at all times, she is very approachable, helpful and patient. We look at Shahina very highly because she always gives her 100% to the practice and admire and appreciate her excellent work and personality. She really deserves this award.

Practice Administrator/Receptionist Award

Nominee: Zaki Ahmad

Place of work: Rutland House Surgery

About the nominee: Zaki gets the job done, whatever task is asked of him, in an effective and efficient way. He finds creative solutions to problems, he's compassionately persistent, he wants to learn and is a 'can-do' kind of person. He has thought of, set up, and maintained new innovations in our practice, for example a template Accurx SMS for patients self-referring to the DPP. He is kind, quiet, and respectful of all he works with including patients, he is much-valued member of the team.

Nominee: Monique Defoe

Place of work: Liberty Bridge Road Practice

About the nominee: Monique took on the role of reception supervisor over a year ago. When she started she was a little anxious about taking on the role. However, she has flourished as a leader of her team. She shows amazing initiative when faced with a new issue and is not fazed by difficult problems. She has become an absolute rock for both senior and junior staff and regularly goes above and beyond for her colleagues. She always does so with good humour and a smile on her face.

Monique leads her team by outstanding example and they respond accordingly. She assumed her role following a very difficult and toxic period, with morale at its lowest, and made a major contribution to turning the atmosphere round to be the happy, hardworking and effective team we have today.

Her caring attitude towards patients and her devotion to supporting and advancing her staff is awesome. The whole team, clinical and non-clinical benefit from her presence every day. She is a perfect example of what the NHS has to be proud of in its workforce. They say no one is indispensable, which is true, but Monique comes as close as it's possible to be.

Nominee: Nneka Emeka

Place of work: Hornsey Park Surgery

About the nominee: Ms Nneka had been working as an Administrator at Hornsey park surgery when the surgery went red during CQC and the practice manager resigned. She stepped up to the role of acting PM without anyone requesting and has worked hard every day for the last 6 months to make the place safer and improve quality at the surgery. She has worked tirelessly and there has been a significant improvement of the surgery.

Nominee: Lesley Gordon

Place of work: St Stephen's Health Centre E3

About the nominee: Lesley enjoys working at St Stephens HC in Bow because each day over the past 20 years has been different and the days fly by. She feels that the most important thing about her job is the people she works with as they all work as a team and no two days are the same.

One day she may be on reception meeting patients or talking on the phone, helping them navigate their way around the NHS system whilst listening to their concerns and their complaints. Another day she will be doing the staff rota or ordering stationary. The most rewarding part of her job is when a patient simply says 'Thank You'. It may be that she has helped them get an appointment or supported them through their illness, and she is happy to know that she has helped a patient in a small way and made their worries a little less.

Nominee: Sonia Hehir

Place of work: Ihub, Amwell Group practice

About the nominee: I have worked with Sonia in more than one setting and her unwavering support of her colleagues is second to none. Her professional knowledge and skills makes her invaluable (I know I am not the only person who feels she knows how to solve everything), which is only trumped by her unwavering genuine care for patients and her colleagues. She makes the ever- increasing stress of the NHS feel manageable. I truly believe that primary care would not be surviving if it wasn't relying on staff like Sonia.

Nominee: Adrienne Michael-Ives

Place of work: Langthorne Sharma Family Practice

About the nominee: Adrienne is very caring, she will go the extra mile to help patients, she has instigated a scheme where reception staff send flowers to patients who are having a hard time just to cheer them up and other thing to help the patients, at Christmas she arranged a small get together for a small group of patients. She is very popular with all the patients and has lots of ideas to help patients.

Nominee: Breda Murphy

Place of work: St Stephen's Health Centre E3

About the nominee: Breda has worked tirelessly for the past 20 years as the facilities co-ordinator at St Stephen's HC. She is the first to arrive at 6.15 am and the first person that everyone sees when they come to work. She does the cleaning, shopping, ordering, room maintenance, waste management and caring for the practice environment so that staff and patients are calm. Living locally means that she knows the patients inside and outside the practices. She is much loved by everyone.

Nominee: Jeanette Savery

Place of work: St Stephen's Health Centre E3

About the nominee: Jeanette has been working at St Stephen's HC in Bow for the past 21 years. Despite living with considerable joint pain, she has come to work and has remained cheerful, hardworking and kind in her interactions with patients. Her thoughtfulness is well valued by colleagues and patients alike.

Nominee: Rebecca Trinder

Place of work:Ingrebourne Medical Centre

About the nominee: Rebecca is a god send to me and has so many responsibilities which she does fantastically without question, often staying behind late most days and covering reception, helping staff and patients, assisting with training etc. I would be lost without Rebecca and she deserves this award.

Nominee: Rosalind Tyler

Place of work: Andover Medical Centre

About the nominee: Ros is irreplaceable! As a long-term team member she is always on hand to help wherever she can using her experience to help others. Throughout challenging times her warmth shines through, offering support and positivity to other members of staff, patients and their families. She brings joy to the workplace!

Nominee: Bulbuli Y

Place of work: Mission Practice (GP Practice)

About the nominee: Bulbuli works tirelessly to call and recall all our patients for their reviews/ health checks. She balances many tasks and day after day seeks to keep up to date with the work requested of her. She contacts patients the day before their appointment for those she knows may have difficulty remembering their appointment. She questions and pushes the team forward to make sure they are keeping up to date with targets and what should be included in patient care reviews.

Her work ethic is so inspiring, and she really pushes forward our team to ensure patients receive timely appointments and reviews. Bulbuli gives so much of her time and effort to our team and she deserves to be recognised for the many hours she spends on the phone and the difficulties that that can present. We thank-you Buli.

Nominee: Tara Willson

Place of work: City Road Medical Centre

About the nominee: Through working on the front line as a receptionist, Tara actively identified a very vulnerable adult who was struggling to access services due to difficulties in speaking and vocalising his needs. As a result, it was hard for him to ensure his complex health and carer needs were being addressed and managed effectively. Over time, Tara built a trusting relationship with this patient and he started to share information with her that resulted in the need to raise an adult safeguarding alert.

Through her help these concerns were fully understood with the support of social services and resolved so ensuring his safety was ensured. She then helped to create a virtual multidisciplinary team around the patient made up of community and acute service providers as well as the patients GP. This ensured the patients' needs were being met in a timely fashion and risks were addressed in a timely manner. Tara has gone above and beyond to help support this patient, coordinating his care and ensuring his health and wellbeing needs were addressed.

Nominee: Susan Wright

Place of work: Globe Town Surgery

About the nominee: Susan deserves this award as she is a great colleague to work with she is always willing to go above and beyond to help both staff and patients. She hasn't had any sickness in 5years since starting at globe town. She likes to meet targets such as; bringing smear results up from 57% to 75% in 10 months, she's doing call and recall alongside list cleansing. Susan is also the Flu lead, prescribing lead and is currently attending a Medicine Management Facilitation course she is also our Patient Champion. Susan puts 100% into her job daily.

Allied Health Profession Award

Nominee: Sam Hughes

Place of work: Ampthill & Regents Park Practice

About the nominee: As a patient advocate, Sam is knowledgeable and resourceful. She will always do the extra bit that's required to help get the patient what they need. Sam does not judge, she is fair and thorough but utterly sensible and boundaried.

She has helped countless patients in so many ways; helping fill in confusing forms; accessing funding for white goods; encouraging patients to be advocates themselves; accompanying patients to appointments when they have no one else or when they need some support; writing letters of support for vulnerable patients and helping individuals and families navigate their way through a complicated benefits system.

As a team member Sam is willing, helpful funny and wise. She has made the role her own and is very much a do-er. Sam doesn't make a big fuss, she just does what needs doing quietly and efficiently. We are very lucky to have this resource at the practice.

Nominee: Jawairia Khalid

Place of work: Gough Walk Practice

About the nominee: Jawairia has made a significant contribution to the development of our services and has worked hard to become a key member of the duty triage system.

Nominee: Simon Phillips

Place of work: Wapping Group Practice

About the nominee: Simon is hardworking, dedicated to patients care. Always working above and beyond expectations. Not only is he an excellent pharmacist, but he is leading on our QI projects, working hard to make our surgery a fantastic working place for staff as well as improving patients care.

He gets actively involved in anything needed from writing protocols such as our recent coronavirus protocol, new registration protocol to reviewing patients with chronic conditions. He shows maturity beyond his years, compassion and care. Well respected and liked by patients and staff alike. Makes our surgery better and happier workplace.

Nominee: Chandani Sakaria

Place of work: Islington GP Federation

About the nominee: Chandani has delivered pharmacy care to diabetic patients in multiple GP practices throughout Islington. She's developed good relationships at each practice she's worked in, and she has enabled a great percentage of patients to reach their three treatment targets for diabetes (or progress towards meeting all 3 where not).

Moreover, she has received consistently excellent patient evaluation feedback for the last 2 years. She is friendly, approachable, has expert knowledge in the field, and imparts it in a really patient-centred and accessible way.

Team Award

Nominee: Aberfeldy Practice

Place of work: Aberfeldy Practice

About the nominee: It is worth mentioning that Kelsey Bailey was nominated for a Practice Nurse Award, but she insisted that it was the whole team at the Aberfeldy Practice that deserved the award.

She says: "I work at the Aberfeldy practice in Tower Hamlets and the words cannot describe how dedicated and hardworking my team is. My team is exactly that, an amazing team. They all care, go the extra mile and support each other every day without fail in every way as a family. 

"Since becoming a part of the team, I have never felt so empowered to make positive changes, which I have been allowed to do in and have done in a short time and yes my training can be difficult with essays etc but even with university work I am encouraged and allowed time to progress and never feel pressured ever if I have deadlines or family commitments. 

"This is why I come to work and try my hardest, not me, but for the Aberfeldy practice! From reception, GPs, all the other professionals who see our patients at the practice and especially the absolutely amazing nursing team who have spent countless hours teaching me the ropes in practice nursing and helping me to adapt my skills from the years I spent on the ward. This includes my GP colleagues who offer their endless patience for me, making me feel able to go to them for absolutely anything or any question which as a learner has been and meant the world to me. 

"I cannot think of another team that deserves an award, especially in these difficult times then the Aberfeldy!! They are at the forefront of telephone consultations for years, teaching Tower Hamlets how to deal with Covid19 over the phone now and also being the first to do a webinar which has become very popular and actually essential in our community of primary practitioners in these difficult times. I hope you hear my pleading, please can I change this award, I can't take it as an individual, as we are a team."

Nominee: City & Hackney GP Confederation Hub Nurses

Place of work: City & Hackney GP Confederation

About the nominee: We have great pleasure in nominating the GP Confederation (GPC) Hub Nurses for their contribution in moving care closer to home, providing clinics outside primary care core hours to patients registered with City & Hackney practices. 

The GPC Hub Nurses have been an extra resource available to all City and Hackney GP practices since 2017, earning excellent patient feedback.  The team provides weekday, weekend and bank holiday access to patients who require wound care and childhood immunisations. 

Wound care attendances in secondary care – namely PUCC - have decreased by 38% in 2018/19, particularly during weekends, the attendances reduced by 52%. This was only made possible through the hard work, dedication and care provided by the Hub Nurses. 

The GPC Hub Nurses worked tirelessly during the measles outbreak, immunising over 1,296 children. Working beyond expectations, they provided a flexible and accessible service including special events and domiciliary visits.

Nominee: First Contact Practitioners team: Danny Fielder, Sian Bamford and Emma Brooks

Place of work: Barnet Hospital

About the nominee: They have blazed a trail in establishing this new role with Primary Care colleagues. Working closely with GPs and Practice staff in NCL they established a direct access back pain service, part of the national NHSE pilot. Patients with back problems book FCP appointments directly in the practice without seeing GPs first. During assessment, hospital records can be reviewed immediately using a link to hospital systems.

The patient can be referred for investigations such as MRI's, referred for treatment such as physiotherapy, prescribed medication by the FCP or even directly listed for injections if indicated. In 67% of cases, patients are discharged self-managing after one appointment. A 96% Friends & Family test satisfaction rate was achieved and was strongly supported by GP's. The pilot dramatically reduced the number of referrals for investigations and into secondary care compared to GPs.

Nominee: Richmond Road Medical Centre

Place of work: Richmond Road Medical Centre

About the nominee: Richmond Road Medical Centre has completely transformed to becoming a centre of innovation, access and opportunity; with patient needs at the forefront.

Whilst remaining amongst the highest clinical outcome achievers both locally and nationally, the practice has pioneered a 48-Hour access model, championed 8-8 opening and fully embraced digital technology; with 80% of patients registered to use online services. The team have worked tirelessly to revolutionise the awareness of mental health across their entire borough through their annual 'Healthy Mind Event' and the introduction of in-house mindfulness and yoga.

The practice list has grown 200% in the past 2 years (3200 to 9800 patients), whilst A+E attendances have dropped by 21% and admissions by 36%. Through in-house innovations such as Richmond Road navigators and clinical buddying, GP workload has reduced and staff satisfaction unparalleled. With over 75 5* NHS Choices reviews, patient satisfaction rates have never been higher.

In addition to the above, the practice has successfully taken on two local APMS contracts; and worked diligently to completely transform healthcare services and patient care in the two of the most struggling practices in North East London, both previously at risk of closure.

I wholeheartedly believe the team deserve to win this Award.

Nominee: The Clinic Oakleigh Road Practice Team

Place of work: The Clinic Oakleigh Road Practice

About the nominee: My practice team of clinical and non-clinical staff provide a caring and supportive environment for colleagues both in the practice and with other practices within our PCN. They haven't lost sight of the need to provide an excellent service to our patients and are passionate in their understanding and commitment in proving a high level of care to the service users. They have recently experienced a death of one of our long-standing team members and dealt with this in their usual supportive and compassionate care towards each other at a very sad time.

Service Award

Nominee: Taz Sardar

Place of work: City and Hackney GP Confederation 

About the nominee: Taz has been instrumental in increasing the knowledge of EMIS (patient record system) within C&H GP practices. Often, GPs, nurses and others in general practice are self-taught in the use of EMIS making them unaware of the features of the system. 

When Taz started working at the Confederation, she worked on the setting up of the Extended Access project, using EMIS Community, a system new to City and Hackney. She rolled out the programme and gained the confidence of colleagues.

She is now providing face to face, bespoke training programmes to receptionists, managers, nurses and GPs. With her confident manner and expert knowledge, she has taught practitioners aspects of the system they did not know existed, improving their day to day experience of EMIS, using EMIS as a tool to better manage patient data, prescribing, appointments and communication within the practice. She has done this with tenacity, enthusiasm and charm.

Nominee: Edward Taylor Jones

Place of work: Islington GP Federation

About the nominee: Ed has been an essential component of the extended access iHub service - its design, development and delivery. He approaches the unenviable task of managing a service of over 40 clinicians and 30 administrative staff across multiple sites with his customary humour good sense and questioning attitude. He ensures the safe running of the service and has established excellent communication with everyone he works with.

Specifically, this year he has managed the changeover of clinical leadership of the service, worked with other providers to improve access to the service, generated learning out of response to clinical incidents which has led to change and delivered a change to the service model by incorporating pharmacists into the iHub team. He has embraced quality improvement methodologies (including leading on change projects) and his attention to detail ensures that real progress happens in the consultation room. I am proud to nominate him for a NCL Primary Care Award.

Nominee: Shakira Watson

Place of work: Islington GP federation/ IHUB

About the nominee: Shakira stands out amongst her team, never judgemental of anyone, shows empathy and understanding to both colleagues and patients. Great customer service skills. Diverse in her approach. Calm and attentive. Shakira was one of the first call handlers of Islington Ihub and during the last few years she has maintained her professionalism and her commitment to the service, always covering in sickness and absence especially as she lives in the South.

Quality Improvement / Innovation Award

Nominee: Amina, Amy, Kirsty & Maianga

Place of work: Caversham Group Practice

About the nominee: A carer of patient with complex needs gave feedback to the reception team saying her daughter struggles to wait in a large waiting room.

Four members of our non-clinical team came up with an idea to create a sensory room near to the waiting room in an under-utilised area. They were given a small budget which they have carefully used in creating this room. Along with some of their family members they have put in lot of work in creating the sensory room in their own time.

The dead space is now a calm, colourful room with different things patients with learning difficulties would like. It has also added life to an underutilised space which is now much better utilised.

Nominee: Muhammad Faizan Ali

Place of work: Albert Road Surgery

About the nominee: Muhammad Faizan Ali is our passionate Clinical Prescribing Pharmacist who cares about patients and always goes the extra mile for patient's care whenever it's needed. Also, keeping in mind the medicines management role at the GP practice.

One of the young renal patients was prescribed special medicines from Great Ormond street hospital. Medicines was costing NHS £28000 per year. Faizan went the extra mile and called Great Ormond Street hospital and different special manufacturers.

Faizan managed to find a manufacturer who were charging only £1600 for a yearly supply. He liaised with the Community Pharmacist and made sure the medicine was only to be ordered from that particular manufacturer which saved around £27000 of NHS money from one single medicine. He made the whole organisation, Albert Road Surgery and NHS proud. Faizan proved the importance of clinical Pharmacist role at GP practice. I wish him very Good luck in his nomination and hope he will contribute more in future to save our NHS.

Nominee: Noorun Ali

Place of work: St Andrews

About the nominee: Noorun is a hardworking patient assistant. She has helped me throughout my journey in St. Andrews. She is very patient, motivating and encourages you to bring out your best self at work. An amazing individual at St. Andrews!

Nominee: Ashadul Alom

Place of work: Tower Hamlets

About the nominee: Ashadul developed an online tool for all GP surgeries and PCNs in Tower Hamlets, this was not a part of his role, but his passion and enthusiasm led him to create and share this. 

Nominee: Emma Cassells

Place of work: Bromley By Bow Health

About the nominee: Emma Cassells has lead the DIY Health Team for the last 6 years. She has facilitated the development of an innovative project co-produced with parents to empower management of minor ailments in children aged 0-5. She has brought parents together, helped train facilitators in co-production and facilitation skills. She is a QI coach. This innovation has led to improvement in confidence of parents managing minor ailments, reduced attendance to A&E and GP from these cohorts and supported over 300 families go through this programme through the project training almost 100 facilitators.

Nominee: Soumia Gillam

Place of work: Islington GP Federation

About the nominee: Soumia has encouraged and exemplified the virtue of good leadership as the Lead Clinical Pharmacist for the Federation. Through her own work in her own practices she has proven to work hard for her patients She has continuously shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication; by helping to successfully bid and expand the pharmacist team within Islington. She continues to devote herself to her role and her team by encouraging innovation within her peer group. Soumia has most definitely earned the respect of her peers and become a role model in their field.

Nominee: Safia Neetoo

Place of work: City & Hackney GP Confederation

About the nominee

Safia is a clinical pharmacist who works three days a week in general practice and, since June 2019, for two days a week at the City and Hackney GP Confederation, as anticoagulation clinical lead.

Safia's commitment to, and passion for, the service has achieved:

  • Safe transfer of 48 stable patients from Homerton Hospital to primary care for warfarin monitoring.
  • Development of Vitamin K guidelines for City & Hackney practices.
  • Development of a proposal for housebound patients to be switched from warfarin to a DOAC.
  • Support and guidance to City and Hackney anticoagulation centres to develop an action plan.
  • Developed and delivered high quality training to City and Hackney healthcare assistants and practice nurses.

Safia is well-respected, modest, calm and approachable. Her inner drive, logical manner and extensive knowledge has allowed her to flourish in this role. Safia should be proud of her achievements in such a short time frame.

Nominee: Yash Rangineni

Place of work: NW4 Highway Network

About the nominee: Yash manages the Highway Network (Primary Care Network) in Tower Hamlets. As a lead network manager for Network Improved Services (NIS) he manages performance for all the 8 networks in the THCCG.

His support to network teams across the borough in understanding the care metrics and delivery of the specifications is invaluable. His style of management makes all network coordinators work together as one team. His quarterly Learning and Sharing meetings to review and plan the contract submissions are not only extremely useful but also innovative with his simplifying technique. He plays a big part in quality assurance of network reporting.

Working alongside with Yash has allowed me to develop as a person. He is an inspiring coach and a great leader, and I do look up to him. I truly believe, Yash deserves this recognition for the work he has done for networks across the Tower hamlets borough.

Nominee: Jennifer Rea

Place of work: Islington GP Federation/ City Road Medical Centre

About the nominee: Jen has shown excellent leadership skills within Islington GP Federations' QI Team. She was integral to the development and iterative improvement of the 'Proactive Ageing Well Service'. She has demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and has harnessed the very best from a multiagency team and has driven a coordinated effort between primary and secondary care teams that has revolutionised the way we provide care for people living with frailty in Islington. She also implemented novel strategies to evaluate the service and has demonstrated financial savings through this valuable work.

Patient Participation Award

Nominee: Jakir Hussain

Place of work: Bromley by Bow Health - St Andrews

About the nominee: Zak has amazing people skills, he can connect with all people from all walks of life and shows that he actually cares about the people within the community! We are lucky to have such a caring member at our organisation!

Nominee: Emel Islek

Place of work: Wordsworth Health Centre

About the nominee: Emel has been an outstanding PPG member leading within her practice and at Newham level. Since taking up the post she has been very proactive with a passion for improving care for children with autism. She has led on two big fun day event projects in the Wordsworth Health Centre Car Park (raising money for the homeless people and children with autism). She has raised hundreds of pounds through fund raising.

She has worked with the local MP, councillors and prominent community members to improve citizen welfare. Emel has led on fantastic work to improve patient care in the practice through feedback and engagement with the practice and patients. She recently won a grant for £3000 to work on a sensory garden project at Wordsworth. The garden will be used for social prescribing to address loneliness, vulnerable patients, cancer patients and children with autism

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