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We want to make sure that our members feel valued and that they are getting the most from their membership to the College. Our faculty board works hard to deliver the College's goals and organise a variety of local events and initiatives such as mentorship and bursaries.

We rely on open communication with our members to ensure that members are aware of these opportunities and that we are showing what the Faculty is doing behind the scenes. The overall aim is to enrich your professional life and enable you to become an active member of the RCGP community.

If you have any feedback for us or would like to get involved please do email the Faculty Office.

A message from Dr Martyn Hewett, Severn Faculty Chair

How do you count significant events that don’t happen? Like many GPs, much of my time as a GP has been spent looking after patients with diabetes, CHD and hypertension, listening to their life stories and concerns, encouraging them to improve their diet and exercise habits, monitoring their treatment and disease progression, and adjusting their medications to prevent strokes, heart attacks, failing kidneys and functional disabilities. But you don’t see news headlines that herald "Patient didn’t have a stroke". Today the vast majority of our patients with long term conditions will, without anyone noticing, have a normal, eventless day without any medical catastrophe. Lives saved by expert primary care, without any heroics.

Very often in the news media, references to the NHS are taken to be mean secondary care, and the important preventative work that we all do – despite all the competing urgent tasks that press in on us - to reduce our patients’ use of secondary care is not considered newsworthy.

So, primary care of patients with long term conditions: nothing flashy, just systematic, compassionate, evidence-based preventative care delivered by expert, hard-working GPs and their teams, making a huge positive impact on the health of the nation. Thank you!

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