Moving into Management

These courses are designed for those new to management and leadership and could include senior receptionists, team leaders, new practice managers or in-training or newly qualified GPs. They can be delivered as stand-alone topics or as a bespoke programme.

Employment law

One-day course

  • Employment legislation that relates to recruitment of new staff (preparing to recruit, documentation, the rights of prospective employees, conducting interviews)
  • Discrimination legislation
  • Absence management
  • Contracts of employment/statement of main particulars of employment
  • Parents at work
  • Discipline and dismissal.

General practice finance

Half-day course

  • How money flows into the practice
    • The global sum
    • QoF
    • Enhanced services
    • Private income
    • Outside earnings
  • How Partners are paid
    • Partnership shares
    • Capital accounts
  •  Managing expenses in the practice
  • Ensuring value for money

Change management

Half-day course

  • Be a successful change manager
  • Anticipate potential difficulties
  • Stop the old methods and manage the impact of this
  • Support the team through the messy middle stage
  • Help the team to start doing things the new way
  • Know the importance of celebrating quick wins

Leading the team

Half-day course

  • Identify the qualities of a good leader
  • Describe differing leadership styles
  • Know the effects of differing leadership styles on the team
  • Understand group processes
  • Identify and understand team roles
  • Know when your team needs 'team maintenance'.

Assertiveness and difficult conversations

Half-day course

  • Identify passive behaviour
  • Identify aggressive behaviour
  • Identify assertive behaviour
  • Express your feelings using assertive behaviour
  • Plan for a difficult encounter and be sure what you want
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Get the outcome you want

Appraising your staff

Half-day course

  • What appraisal is and what it is not
  • Be prepared
  • Making it easier
  • Conducting an appraisal
  • Giving feedback
  • Raising difficult issues effectively
  • Agreeing a plan

Managing poor performance

Half-day course

  • How to differentiate between lack of competence and lack of application
  • Managing poorly performing staff
  • Planning for performance monitoring
  • Holding performance monitoring hearings
  • What to do if nothing improves
  • Poor performance due to poor attendance

The nuts and bolts of negotiation

Half-day course

  • Types of negotiation situation
  • Core principles of negotiation
  • Steps in a negotiation process
  • Finding common ground
  • Tactics

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