Consultancy and support

Our consultancy and support programme offers tailored advice and support to GP practices seeking to improve and develop their services and workforce.

Our support focuses on strengthening leadership, enhancing practice communication internally and externally, workforce and capacity issues, finances, premises and supporting Primary Care Networks.

Our expert team provides friendly, approachable and honest support delivered by peers who take the development of general practice to heart.

Our highly experienced advisory teams include GPs, practice managers, practice nurses and clinical pharmacists who can be deployed across the UK to support your practice. With their extensive expertise in general practice and providing in-depth root cause analysis, they will work with you and your team to get your practice performing at its absolute best and deliver practical solutions to help you get there.

Our support is customised and responsive to your needs, whether you operate as an individual practice, a group of practices working collaboratively or an at-scale primary care organisation.

We offer the combined expertise and insights of the RCGP's ongoing work in clinical and organisational design, the development of new models of care, quality improvement, informatics and curriculum development and assessment.

We can help you with anything from facilitating and troubleshooting Primary Care Networks to preparing you for your CQC inspection to negotiating practice mergers to helping a practice get out of special measures. 

Find out how we can help you develop your primary care team(s) with a solution tailored to your budget.

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Diagnostic Report and Action Plan

Do you want to improve your practice’s performance, but you are unsure where to start? Or maybe your practice is doing well, and you want to know how to maintain that level of performance and better? 

Our Diagnostic Report and Action Plan can help you to figure out your next step.

We will provide you with a team with skills tailored to your needs who will:

  • work with your GPs and practice staff to understand the issues and blockages within a practice 
  • provide a written diagnostic report detailing their findings 
  • support your practice to develop an action plan based on the diagnostic report.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Targeted support

We can offer specific, time-bound interventions, delivered either as a stand-alone programme of support or as a follow-up programme to address areas identified in a diagnostic report.  

Interventions range from alignment with CQC themes – safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led – or providing a holistic review, looking at performance overall and identifying barriers to progress. 

Support can range from intensive one to one support with individuals or teams, facilitating away day programmes or supporting management with strategic guidance and decision making. 

We work with existing practice resources as a key component to our support to ensure changes are embedded and sustainable.
Each targeted support intervention can be tailored to the needs of your practice but can include:

Workforce / capacity issues

  • Workforce analysis / scoping
  • Optimising skills mix
  • Demand management / improving access
  • Recruitment / succession planning
  • Supporting working at scale – particularly mergers.


  • Financial health checks – reviewing income generation and expenditure 
  • Contingency planning 
  • Developing a business case.


  • Supporting practice negotiations around new or existing premises
  • Optimising use of premises.

    Organisation and leadership

    • Developing leadership skills
    • Training and development including active signposting, clinical correspondence, practice manager masterclasses and Moving into Management modules
    • Optimising work streams including reviewing back office functions / GP administration
    • Supporting change management
    • Improving governance arrangements
    • Supporting Board development in at-scale organisations.


    • Improving patient experience
    • Improving team working - coaching and mentoring individuals and teams
    • Running practice away days
    • Improving collaborative working and developing peer support
    • Conflict resolution
    • Providing advocacy with external organisations.

      Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

      CQC Inspection Preparation

      If you have an upcoming CQC inspection, or if your practice has recently been inspected and you would like tailored support to prepare for your re-inspection, we can help. 

      Whether you have found yourself in special measures or you just want to make sure your staff are prepared for inspection day, our advisers have a wealth of experience in working with GP practices to help make their CQC inspection go smoothly.

      We already have an excellent track record in supporting practices in difficulty through the NHS England endorsed Peer Support Programme [PDF] for practices placed in special measures. Since 2014 our national team of 80 clinicians, practice managers, practice nurses and pharmacists have worked with over 200 practices, driving improvement and supporting development for the future. 

      Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

      Primary Care Networks

      We can support practices in implementing the requirements for Primary Care Networks as required by the NHS Long Term Plan and the new GP contract.

      We can help practices with anything from setting up a care network and introducing new practice roles, to managing cultural change and supporting under-performing practices.

      Our expert team of clinical and practice advisers including GPs, nurses and practice managers, have extensive experience of working with individual practices and at-scale organisations to develop leadership and support organisational change.

      Our support can help practices with:

      • setting up and facilitating a care network
      • implementing governance structures
      • leadership development
      • coaching and mentoring for clinical directors and practice managers
      • cultural change – moving from practice-based to network-based delivery of care
      • workforce assessment and centralisation across a network
      • utilising a multidisciplinary workforce effectively
      • introducing new practice roles
      • additional services deployment and usage, e.g. appointment management and signposting
      • using existing resources and improving efficiency
      • supporting under-performing practices within a network.

      Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


      Find out how we can help you develop your primary care team(s) with a solution tailored to your budget.
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      Feedback from practices benefiting from RCGP support

      "I believe we have the best practice manager in the RCGP support team. Thanks very much for your unbounded energy and support to our small team, you brought hope and clarity in troubled times… The value of your service could not be repaid in money."

      "Thank you for a comprehensive feedback report, which will help us to improve quality of care for our patients and continue to maintain the high standards of care…RCGP helped to formulate a structure of leadership in the practice… The skills we learned from the RCGP team did not only help us achieve the desired ratings but will also help us to provide best care to our patients on a regular basis."

      "Very valuable session-networking at it's best."

      "Lots of pointers to take back to practice."

      "The assurance that we are all dealing with the same problems its not just us."

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