Whole Systems Integrated Care toolkit

This image is taken from the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care website. It shows a pattern of photographs of patients from diverse backgrounds, including disabilities, ages and ethnicities. Copyright North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care  


The RCGP is committed to supporting General Practice and helping it to develop. To rise to the challenges we face delivering high quality out of hospital care, we need ways of facilitating investment in primary care.

We believe that an effective way of doing this involves delivering Primary Care in a coordinated way using federations or networks of practices at it’s heart. The emerging evidence seems to support this approach.

Forming federations or networks brings the opportunity to provide bespoke services for individual localities giving the practices involved the scope to bid for, and lead, wrap around services for General Practice.

We are pleased to share North West London’s Whole Systems Integrated Care Toolkit, developed to support commissioners, providers and communities across health and social care to work towards the vision of integrated care.


RCGP member and one of our Commissioning champions Dr Mo Ali, and 31 partner organisations from eight boroughs, have been involved with the programme.

They are working together in pursuit of a shared person-centred vision: to improve the quality of care for individuals, carers and families; empowering and supporting people to maintain independence and to lead full lives as active participants in their community.

This image is taken from the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care website, and displays examples of some of the integrated Care toolkit chapters as seen on the Toolkit Chapters landing page. The image shows chapter number and chapter title

What is it for?

This toolkit was primarily adapted for the North West London area, but also has strong relevance for UK wide General Practice.

This toolkit will enable practices to assess their local context and help them to decide which approach to working collaboratively with other practices suits them best. This will help them to respond to the needs of their local community by creating innovative models of care and bidding for these to be funded.

The toolkit covers a number of areas needed to facilitate change including incentives, models of care, co-design, informatics and, importantly, the setting up of GP networks or federations.

We are pleased to link to this excellent toolkit, and hope that it will lead to wider transformational change across the UK Primary Care landscape.

What you will find

The types of resource you will find here include:

  • Toolkit chapters in PDF format for printing
  • Toolkit supplementary documents, for example legal issues compendium
  • Free access to the legal documentation to facilitate setting up different types of federations
  • Focused discussions on topics of interest or relevance to NW London Pioneers

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