Northern Ireland General Practice: A 10 Year Strategy

The Royal College of General Practitioners Northern Ireland (RCGP NI) recognise that there have been many changes to our health care service in Northern Ireland and yet more are needed to secure a vibrant and patient focused general practice.

To ensure that general practice remains at the centre of our ever evolving health care system as we move forward in to the future and to ensure that patients receive the optimum quality of care and value for money with the ultimate aim of producing a better patient experience for everyone, the RCGP NI and the British Medical Association Northern Ireland (BMA NI) have worked together in producing a 10 year strategy for the future of general practice. It is hoped that this strategy will provide a pivotal role in shaping policy, education, research and training for many years to come.

GPs, patient advocates and many key stakeholders have worked together in producing this 10 year strategy for general practice in Northern Ireland which will ensure that high standards are maintained, that the profession is equipped with the adequate resources and that the correct structures are put in place to enhance the ability of general practice to tackle future challenges.

The main body of the strategy is centred on a 10 year action plan which will help deliver on many key challenges facing general practice. The areas for action include:

  • improving service and accessibility
  • resourcing general practice
  • addressing educational and training needs for general practice
  • monitoring the impact of medical regulations arrangements
  • improving leadership and management effectiveness within general practice
  • developing a framework for effective management of general practice
  • identifying and addressing competition issues
  • promoting the unique selling points of general practice
  • work with trusts and commissioners
  • improving organisation within the infrastructure of general practice

RCGP NI and the BMA NI also worked together in producing an information leaflet aimed at increasing awareness of the profession within the general public. 'You and Your GP' provides a useful look at the relationship between patients and their GP, the role of a GP and how general practice is organised throughout Northern Ireland. These leaflets were distributed to all practices in Northern Ireland.

RCGPNI has also produced a Model Practice Framework for use by practices to ensure effective business and management at practice level. The advantages of developing such a framework was that patients would be served by a quality driven management framework which took account of their needs from general practice and that practices would benefit through the use of a quality driven model practice framework applicable for use in practices of various sizes.

The framework includes the critical success factors for an effective GP practice in terms of practice development, planning and the provision of services, practice organisation and the management of risk, the practice as a learning and training organisation and patient involvement and communication.

RCGPNI and the BMA have agreed the following priority areas for 2013-2014:

  • Federations
  • Promoting general practice as a career
  • Leadership

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To find out more about the 10 Year Strategy contact Ashleigh Simpson or on 028 9023 0055

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