Policy and campaigning priorities 2020-23

In February 2020 our members voted on what the College's three policy and campaigning priorities should be for the next three years. These priorities set out what issues we will be campaigning for our members on.

As a part of the process for setting priorities our UK Council Chair, Professor Martin Marshall listened to the concerns of our members and selected reinvigorating relationship-based care as his priority.

Reinvigorating relationship-based care

RCGP future vision - doctor with patient

High quality general practice is enabled when the doctor knows the patient and vice versa. This requires time to build, nurture and maintain a relationship of trust between patients and their GPs. Rising workload is damaging our ability to deliver unhurried consultations and risks reducing our effectiveness as person-centred doctors.

We will campaign for our members to be empowered to deliver relationship-based care by asking for more resources and by exploring how the fundamental concept of 'continuity' needs in some situations to be redefined to suit the evolving needs and expectations of patients and practitioners.

We will clearly differentiate where relationships of trust add value, how sessional and locum doctors can build trust quickly and what needs to be done to ensure that relationships are maintained.

Reducing unnecessary general practice workload

RCGP future vision clock

Campaigning to enable the expansion of GP teams by incorporating new roles into the primary care workforce and promoting general practice as a career.

Ensuring workload is eased through the efficient use of technology.

Encouraging models of general practice where doctors work with patients to access services that are right for them.


Sustainable infrastructure for general practice

RCGP future vision illustration

Campaigning to ensure that premises are fit for purpose for all patients and healthcare professionals.

Calling for protected funding for primary care and community services and championing the value of general practice.

Advocating for IT and support to use technology to deliver the best healthcare in general practice.

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