A revitalised profession

General practice will be universally recognised as a high status and rewarding profession, offering a variety of work and an exciting range of career options. We want general practice to be the career of choice for the brightest and best medical students and foundation doctors.

To revitalise our profession, we need to create the conditions which will reverse the flow of GPs quitting the profession and improve the recruitment and retention of GPs. This means easing intolerable GP workloads which are leading to stress and burnout.

In our vision, the day in the life of a GP will look very different in 10 years' time. GPs will have more time to spend with their patients. The standard consultation will be 15 minutes and the length of consultations can be flexed according to the needs and preferences of patients. GPs will have the tools and skills to deliver a much larger proportion of their consultations remotely – by video, phone or online.

The GP-patient relationship will also change. Patients will be treated as equal partners in their own care, decision making will be shared and medication will not be the default option.

A revitalised profession illustration

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