Resources and publications

Effective healthcare commissioning: publications and resources

The Centre for Commissioning has produced a range of resources offering practical guidance on healthcare commissioning.

Principles for commissioning

Good healthcare commissioning should be based on five key principles:

  • Improving outcomes for patients and communities, prioritising demand over supply and encouraging innovation
  • Patient empowerment through shared approaches to care, keeping patients fully informed and helping them to share their own care
  • Evidence-based practice in assessing needs, designing services and monitoring outcomes
  • Community mobilisation
  • Sustainability

General guidance on commissioning

These briefing documents explain the principles behind clinical commissioning, and provide context for the shift to clinical commissioning in the NHS.

Video: commissioning for First5 GPs

Dr Gary Howsam and Dr Jason John discuss the role of the First5 GPs in commissioning and the potential barriers that need to be broken down.

Competencies part 1: essential skills for all clinicians

Sets out the skills and attitude that GPs and all clinicians involved in commissioning must have to make commissioning succeed in their area.The skills described are based on RCGP’s core curriculum statement Being a General Practitioner, and the guidance covers the NHS Commissioning Board’s six authorisation domains.

Competencies part 2: essential skills for clinical leads, directors and teams

Sets out the skills and attitude that GPs and their clinical commissioning teams must have to make commissioning succeed in their area. It's relevant for clinical commissioning leads, clinical commissioning directors and clinical commissioning teams, and the guidance covers the NHS Commissioning Board’s six authorisation domains.

Guidance on aspects of commissioning

Conflicts of interest in clinical commissioning groups

This guidance from the RCGP and the NHS Confederation offers practical solutions for members of clinical commissioning groups for avoiding conflicts of interest.

Video: diagnostics and testing

Dr Nicholas Summerton outlines key aspects of this commissioning sector.

Video: partnerships in commissioning

Dr Fiona Head discusses how to establish these partnerships and build the best care pathways for patients.

Patient and public involvement

Covers the importance of community involvement in ensuring an efficient and effective service. It includes information on the importance of patient participation groups and the best ways of interacting with communities, including those who are hard to reach.

Video: sustainable healthcare

Dr Tim Ballard explains why sustainable healthcare needs to be commissioned appropriately

  • Download Sustainable Healthcare [PDF]

Video: urgent and emergency care

Written by Dr Agnelo Fernandes, this publication and accompanying video aims to give GPs a wider perspective on the urgent and emergency care system, with a view to promoting good service design in the future.

Values based commissioning in mental health

This briefing document looks at how values and beliefs shape attitudes, many of which underpin mental health services.

Learning disabilities: an evidence-based guide

With the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Learning Disabilities Observatory, RCGP has produced 'Improving the Health and Wellbeing of People with Learning Disabilities: An Evidence-Based Commissioning Guide for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Sign up for our course on commissioning

'Commissioning: what is it, and what’s my role?' introduces the basics of clinically-led commissioning, what healthcare commissioning involves, the role you might play, and the benefits of involving clinicians and patients.

It explains processes used in commissioning and some commonly used terminology. The course is aimed at the ‘typical’ GP, GP trainee or practice nurse.

Commissioning: what is it, and what’s my role? 

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