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Effective commissioning is based on continual analysis of a community’s needs and designing, specifying and procuring services to meet these needs, within the resources available. Our Centre for Commissioning has produced a range of resources offering practical guidance for GPs.

Principles for commissioning

Good healthcare commissioning is based on five key principles:

  • improving outcomes for patients and communities, prioritising demand over supply and encouraging innovation
  • patient empowerment through shared approaches to care, keeping patients fully informed and helping them to share their own care
  • evidence based practice in assessing needs, designing services and monitoring outcomes
  • community mobilisation
  • sustainability

Guidance on aspects of commissioning

Conflicts of interest, patient involvement, emergency care, mental health, and working with communities.

Quality Imaging Services for Primary care: A Good Practice Guide May 2013 [PDF] Joint guidance with the RCR and the SoR

Guidance for Commissioning End Of Life Care April 2013 [PDF)

Working with Communities, Developing Communities April 2013 [PDF]

Managing conflicts of interest in clinical commissioning groups [PDF]

Effective patient and public involvement in commissioning [PDF]

Urgent and emergency care: a ‘whole system’ approach [PDF]

Mental health: values-based commissioning [DOC]

 'A change as significant as this carries opportunities as well as risks, in equal measure'Image of Dr David Paynton

View a short message on effective commissioning in general practice.  

This is presented by Dr David Paynton, National Clinical Lead for the RCGP Centre for Commissioning published on the RCGP YouTube Channel. 

General guidance on commissioning

These briefing documents explain the principles behind clinical commissioning, and provide context for the shift to clinical commissioning in the NHS.


Competencies for commissioning

Competencies part 1: essential skills for all clinicians

Sets out the skills and attitude that GPs and all clinicians involved in commissioning must have to make commissioning succeed in their area.

Competencies part 2: essential skills for clinical leads, directors and teams

Sets out the skills and attitude that GPs and their clinical commissioning teams must have to make commissioning succeed in their area. It's relevant for clinical commissioning leads, clinical commissioning directors and clinical commissioning teams.

Eye care commissioning

Put together by RCGP and other organisations including the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, the RNIB and RCN, the UK Vision Strategy website supports clinical commissioning of eye care and sight loss services.

Policy research unit in commissioning: PRUComm

Evaluating the impact of clinical commissioning is important as the NHS undergoes such a huge change. PRUComm has been set up by the Department of Health to independently evaluate the changes and the Centre for Commissioning was delighted to host Stephen Peckham its director to a workshop in Euston in January.

Some preliminary results have been published and these were discussed at a separate seminar in February 2013.

Report from Clinical Commissioning Champions engagement of 24 January 2013

An engagement event which was held with Clinical Commissioning Champions on 24 January 2013. The report includes the speakers' presentation slides.

Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health

The Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health (JCPMH) is co-chaired by Dr Neil Deuchar (Royal College of Psychiatrists) and Dr Elizabeth England (Royal College of General Practitioners). It is a collaboration between seventeen leading national organisations which aims to inspire all commissioners to improve mental health and wellbeing, using a values based commissioning model.

The JCPMH publishes briefings on the key values and principles for effective mental health commissioning and provides practical mental health commissioning guidance. It aims to support commissioners to commission mental health services that deliver the best possible outcomes for health and well being. It develops and publishes current guidance for best practice commissioning in areas where disparities in outcomes exist and bring together patients, service users, clinicians, commissioners, managers and others to deliver the best possible commissioning for mental health and wellbeing.

More here: http://www.jcpmh.info/ 

Contact us

To provide feedback on these resources, contact the Centre for Commissioning at commissioning@rcgp.org.uk or telephone: 020 3188 7400.

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