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Here are some useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the RCGP Accreditation service we provide for external organisations.

Our FAQs should answer the most practical questions regarding the RCGP Accreditation mark of quality, we provide answers about accrediting activities/resources, and the value it brings to your organisations. 

If you have any further questions they can be sent to us directly at accreditation@rcgp.org.uk.


Why RCGP Educational Accreditation?

Why RCGP Educational Accreditation

We provide educational activities for GPs. Why should we apply for Accreditation?

With the commencement of revalidation in December 2012, GPs have become more aware of the importance of quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) than ever before. An activity that has been accredited by the Royal College for General Practitioners will be identifiable to GPs and other participants as an activity that is of a high quality and associated with the high professional standards the RCGP embodies.  


What is the RCGP Educational Accreditation Mark?

The RCGP Accreditation Mark is an identifiable symbol of quality assurance that associates activities with the professionalism, expertise and commitment to the highest possible standards of general practice that the RCGP embodies. The RCGP Accreditation Mark can be used on marketing and promotional materials produced for an accredited activity.

Why should GPs be interested in Educational Accreditation?

Educational Accreditation is a benchmark of quality that enables GPs to identify high quality educational activities that are relevant to their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

GPs can look for educational activities that display the RCGP Accreditation Mark and be assured of a high quality, CPD relevant activity.

Can I apply, what is an activity?

A single activity for example is an event, meeting, module, course, emodule, which addresses a topic or range of topics which must be in an area likely to address a clearly identified educational need of General Practitioners for the purpose of CPD or other primary care professionals.

What is a programme?

A programme of educational activities for example an event, meeting, module, course, emodule, is a series of activities with a unified theme and development process common generic learning objectives, that can be delivered across a variety of different media, either over a few days or over a series of weeks or months.

Are the activities we run suitable for Accreditation?

You can check the Licence and Accreditation Agreement and Guide for Applicants for the criteria that must be met in order for an activity to be suitable for Accreditation. If you have any further queries please contact the Accreditation Team.

Is it ok if the activity we produce is funded or sponsored by another organisation?

Activities can be funded or sponsored either wholly or in part by other organisations as long as that funding and or sponsorship conforms to the RCGP guidelines on working with sponsors.

We produce online modules, are they suitable for Accreditation?

Activities in a variety of formats can be suitable for Accreditation as long as they meet the RCGP criteria for Educational Accreditation highlighted on the application form. Online learning or eLearning are acceptable formats.

I want to apply for RCGP Educational Accreditation, what should I do now?

The first step is to read the Guide to Applicants and familiarise yourself with the Application form and other application documents.

The next step is to complete the application form and submit it together with the signed Licence and Accreditation Agreement, and all relevant supporting documentation by email to: accreditation@rcgp.org.uk.

Please refer to the Guide to Applicants for guidance on what you need to provide for an application. Note: applications will only be accepted if received by email. We do not accept applications sent in the post.

The Accreditation fee must be submitted along with the application form by either:
Cheque payable to Royal College of General Practitioners posted to Accreditation Team, RCGP, 30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB.


Complete the invoicing information section C of the application form you will be invoiced. If you have a Purchase order number this should be detailed in section C.

If payment is not received with your completed application, this will delay the processing times for Accreditation.

Your application will not be sent to the Assessor Panel for Accreditation review until the Accreditation fee has been received.

How far in advance of the activity being held or launched should I submit the application form?

Applications should be submitted ideally at least six weeks in advance of the date the activity is held. It is not advisable to submit an application too far in advance as your period of  accreditation will start from the date it is approved by an assessor and not the date your first activity is held.

Do I have to submit all the information for my activities with the initial application form or is a brief outline acceptable?

Whether an application is submitted for a programme of activities or a series of different activities you must provide full details on each activity.

 If you are applying for a programme  and are unable to provide supporting documents and information for all activities at the time of application, for example some activities are due to be developed in several months time and have not been fully organised, you will have to submit an additional completed Section B in due course for each activity.

If you are submitting additional activity(s) that are not part of a programme you will need to complete a new application and submit this along with the appropriate supporting documents and new application Accreditation fee.

I think our activities can constitute a programme. How can I be sure?

When making an application for a programme, applicants must state how many activities make up the programme and describe fully on what basis they consider these activities to be part of the same programme for example what do they have in common, development processes, quality assurance processes and common generic learning objectives.

If you are still unsure, please get in touch with the RCGP Educational Accreditation Team accreditation@rcgp.org.uk

How do I pay the Accreditation fee?

Payments options:

Following receipt of the application form where 'Section C: Invoicing Information' has been completed an invoice will be generated by the Accreditation Team and sent to you via email for payment. If you have a Purchase order number this should be detailed in Section C.

Your application will not be sent to the Assessor Panel for Accreditation review until the Accreditation fee has been received.


Cheque payable to Royal College of General Practitioners posted to Accreditation Team, RCGP, 30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB. Please notify the Accreditation Team if you are intending to pay by cheque.

Can I make payment by credit card?

No. Currently we do not accept payment by credit card. Please follow the instructions stated on page 10 of the Guide for Applicants document which can be found on this website on how to make payment for your Accreditation application. Alternatively refer to the response above 'Payment options'.

If my application is successful, will the RCGP promote my accredited activity on their website?

All accredited activities are displayed in the list of RCGP Educational and CPD Accredited Activities and Resources on the website.

If my activity is successfully accredited, will the RCGP tell me how many CPD points or credits it is worth?

A CPD credit is defined as being based on an hour of learning activity including planning and reflection. In its simplest form 1 hour of activity equates to 1 credit. Credits are self assessed and, although a certificate of completion or attendance may be used as evidence of activity, it is the demonstration of learning achieved and relevance to the work that the GP undertakes that defines the credit. CPD credits are self-assessed and verified at appraisal.

This is explained further in the RCGP Guide to the Credit Based System for CPD [PDF]

Does the RCGP provide certificate templates for applicants to use?

No, however the Accreditation Mark which is an identifiable symbol of quality assurance for educational activities relevant to CPD can be used on certificates produced by organisations for accredited activities.

If Accreditation is granted will this allow me to use the RCGP logo on marketing materials and on learning materials for my activity?

If granted, RCGP Educational Accreditation will demonstrate that an educational product has been approved by the RCGP, as having met its quality criteria. Successfully accredited activities gain the right to use the distinct RCGP Accreditation Mark on marketing materials and/or learning materials. Please note, RCGP Educational Accreditation will not include the issuing of a license to use the RCGP logo. Authorisation to use the RCGP logo will continue to be issued by the RCGP Honorary Secretary’s Office.

I have applied for a programme of 4 activities and this was accredited. I have now developed a 5th activity that is part of the same programme. How should I apply? What fees would I pay?

If you can provide evidence that the subsequent activity forms part of the same programme, you will need to complete section B of the application form. The additional activity(s) will then be assessed and a decision made as to whether Accreditation can be extended to this activity(s) as well.

With regard to Accreditation fees, whenever the submission of an additional activity(s) takes the application into the next fee band, you would pay the difference between the fee bands. In the above example, an organisation would pay the difference between the fee band for an application containing 2-4 activities and the fee band for 5-10 activities, plus the administrative fee of £150 that applies to all applications and a fee to cover the cost of having the additional activities assessed. Please contact the Accreditation team for more information.

I want to make changes to the content of my already accredited activity, will this effect the accreditation for this activity?

If you make any significant changes or alterations to the content of your already accredited activity(s) you need to inform a member of the RCGP Education Accreditation Team immediately at accreditation@rcgp.org.uk. A summary of all or any changes made to the activity should be referenced in the annual report which you will be required to submit at the end of the accreditation period.

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