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Racial Equality and Inclusion Listening Event

Working as a GP, particularly a new GP, is a hard enough job as it is. Working with colleagues that show racism, sexism, misogynism, inequality and exclusion, be it consciously or unconsciously, is even harder. Challenging those types of behaviours is a difficult prospect, and if not dealt with correctly may quickly lead to other issues. We would like to invite all RCGP members and their practice staff to a FREE online event to listen to the experiences, stories and outcomes of fellow GPs that have experienced racial/sexual inequality, exclusion, micro aggression and other forms of inequality. We will hear from practicing GPs that have managed to navigate this difficult subject and hope you can learn or take away a few tips and ideas that will help support you and your colleagues if you are ever faced with aggression and unacceptable behaviour in any form.

Start date07/07/2022
Duration1 hours 30 minutes

Comedy Medicine: A dose of humour

The South West faculties, invite members to attend this Wellbeing event. Performance and comedy teacher, Maggie Iriving, creates a safe space for people to express themselves; learn some of the comedy tricks of the trade and understand how a dash of appropriate humour can support wellness.

Start date11/07/2022
Duration2 hours

Finance - Being more than a Doctor: GP v Businessperson

Choosing a career in GP is a difficult choice! However, being a GP can be a rewarding and varied job. Come and listen to our specialist panel who will be discussing the some of the challenges and rewards of choosing a GP career and looking outside of simply being a doctor, from managing a hybrid career or becoming a partner to what changes you might expect to see over the next 10 years. This webinar is aimed at ST3, First5s and anyone interested in looking at a more varied career and is free for all RCGP members.

Start date11/07/2022
Duration1 hours

Question and Answer session on Health Inclusion: Migrant Health and Homelessness

Following a series of webinars on health inclusion RCGP East Anglia Faculty will be hosting a concluding question and answer session with expert clinicians in the field of health inclusion. The webinar will be interactive and aim to create discussion between the panel and participants as well as providing a forum to share ideas of best practice and discuss some of the challenges which GPs may come across in the area of migrant health and homelessness.

Start date13/07/2022
Duration1 hours

Yoga for GPs

Dr Emma Pimlott (one of our lovely PALP team members) who is a local GP, Clinical Lecturer, and now a recently qualified Registered Yoga Teacher will be delivering a 60-minute yoga session for GPs. As GPs you are regularly asked to advise your patients to be more physically active and adopt a healthier lifestyle but are you looking after yourself as well?! The aim of our Physical Activity & Lifestyle Promotion Group (or PALP) is to give GPs the opportunity to increase their own physical activity and offer advice on how to look after YOU!

Start date13/07/2022
Duration1 hours

One Day Essentials | Pain Management

Our group of leading Pain Management expert speakers, who either work in primary care or are closely associated with primary care will focus on a range of essential information, latest evidence, practical tips and take-home messages to help improve practice and patient outcomes.

Start date18/07/2022
Duration7 hours 30 minutes

Telephone Consultation & Triage Skills

Are you worried about doing remote telephone triage or perhaps you're already experienced in this high risk area and want to brush up on your skills? This course will provide you with a real understanding of how to manage the risks involved in remote telephone consultations and the benefits this work can bring when practised effectively. This day will give you tools and techniques to best handle remote telephone consultations. This ONLINE course will taught via ZOOM.

Start date25/07/2022
Duration7 hours 45 minutes

The Art of Surviving & Thriving

We will be using a range of creative resources to explore and better understand the neurophysiological and psychological explanations of wellbeing and stress management, with the aim of improving your ability to survive and thrive.

Start date15/09/2022
Duration1 hours 30 minutes

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