Top Tips Anxiety in Children and Young

Anxiety is one of the most common causes of distress in children and young people. It can affect anyone and does not distinguish between age background or social group. Many anxiety disorders begin in childhood, and research suggests as many as one in six young people will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives. 
Anxiety is not only common, but also extremely debilitating. Children and young people with anxiety disorders experience excessive fear, worry or anxiety, that is, they feel more scared, worried or anxious than you would expect in a child or young person of their age. 
In the UK, GPs are often the first medical professional that families see and so are in a prime position to support young people with anxiety disorders, however, GPs can feel ill equipped to effectively support children and young people.
We've produced a 'Top Tips: Anxiety disorders in children and young people' to support clinicians and primary health professionals when caring for children and young people suffering from anxiety.

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