TARGET Trainers and Training

The 1 hr TARGET antibiotics workshop aims to highlight the need for optimising antibiotic prescribing by showing the evidence that there is a link between antibiotic prescribing and resistance in GP patients; and how reducing antibiotic prescribing can not only reduce antibiotic resistance, but also patients’ future expectations for an antibiotic and any further consultations.

A Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) found that the workshop results in fewer antibiotic prescriptions dispensed, compared to controls with usual support from their CCG. In summary, this study found that within usual service provision, TARGET antibiotic workshops can help improve antibiotic use, and therefore should be considered as part of any national antimicrobial stewardship initiatives. 

If you would like a TARGET workshop carried out in your area or GP practice please contact either the TARGET team at or one of the approved TARGET approved Trainers detailed below. 

Approved TARGET Trainer list

What does approved TARGET trainer status mean?

TARGET trainers have been trained and approved by the TARGET team to deliver the workshop and facilitate the development of an antimicrobial stewardship plan within GP practices. All listed approved TARGET trainers have facilitated the delivery of at least one other TARGET workshop in their area.

The full list of approved trainers can be found here.

How to become an approved trainer

Why become an approved TARGET trainer?

“I would encourage any nurse or doctor who has an interest in antibiotic stewardship, education, and leadership, to nominate themselves as their practice’s lead Antibiotic Guardian and enrol on the TARGET Train the Trainer workshop.” Kath Hartigan, Nurse Practitioner and TARGET Approved Trainer

Being a TARGET approved trainer not only help fulfill CPD requirements, it can also help:

  1. Improve yours and/or others’ antibiotic prescribing habits
  2. You gain experience in project leadership and presenting to a professional audience
  3. Boost your professional credibility and confidence

How to become an approved TARGET trainer

To become an approved TARGET trainer you must: 

  1. Attend the TARGET train the trainer workshop*.
  2. Deliver the TARGET workshop in a GP practice within 6 months of receiving the training. 
  3. To assist in workshop delivery you must:
  • Carry out a pre and post workshop antibiotic prescribing self assessment checklist with attendees
  • Carry out a pre and post workshop delivery audit on at least 1 of the clinical scenarios (UTI, sore throat, acute cough, otitis media, sinusitis, skin infection) covered by the TARGET workshop with your attendees. 
  • Develop an antimicrobial stewardship action plan with the workshop group

Once all documents have been returned to the TARGET Training Coordinator and reviewed, participants will receive their approved trainer status and accompanying resources. You can view the process here

*These TARGET workshops are FREE to attend, although a £50 admin charge will be applied for those who fail to attend without giving at least 24hrs notice. Workshops are held in various locations nationally. To book a place at any of these workshops please contact the team at

Trainer materials and resources

Workshop Delivery Guide

This TARGET workshop delivery guide outlines the theory behind the TARGET antibiotics workshop and provides detailed information how to deliver a TARGET antibiotics workshop. 

Workshop delivery templates

Workshop Presentation

The TARGET presentation forms the main part of the TARGET workshop. There are accompanying presenter notes under each slide. This core presentation template has been produced to assist educators in the primary care setting to present the most up-to-date evidence around “why” optimising antibiotic prescribing is important and “how” this can be achieved.

This presentation is designed to be edited to suit your audience and as such, is not complete. Care should be taken to read through the presentation, noting where modifications should be made before attempting to present this to your colleagues. Choose 1 – 2 of the clinical scenarios you wish to deliver and slot these slide into the core presentation where indicated. The associated video presentations show the clinical scenarios being delivered by Dr Philippa Moore, consultant microbiologist at Gloucester Royal Hospital. 


Workshop Evaluation

The workshop evaluation survey can be found here. Note: attendees will automatically receive their certificate of attendance once they have completed the evaluation survey. 

Trainer Revalidation

Trainers must deliver at least one workshop per year in order to revalidate their approved trainer status. The TARGET team will contact each approved trainer in November each year to check their approved trainer status and to ensure they are aware of the latest updates, modification and additions to the TARGET Antibiotics toolkit. 

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