'One Minute Wonder' medical education board

Sunnyside Medical Centre – Portsmouth

The problem

With an increasingly demanding workload, how do we stay up-to-date without taking time away from our other responsibilities? How can we share knowledge within the multidisciplinary team? These are questions we asked ourselves, questions relevant to all clinicians at all stages in their training. As a training practice that also teaches medical students and is preparing to train nurses, we are keen on innovation within professional practice and keeping abreast of good clinical practice. We also understand the difficulties of fitting this into busy working days.

The bright idea

Some of us had used the 'One Minute Wonder' medical education board while Emergency Department SHOs. The principle behind this is that during a clinician's working day there are short lengths of time - for example, waiting for the computer to start in the morning, or while on hold on the phone - which can be used to take in new information. This efficiently enables learning to take place without making additional demands on the clinician's time.

We decided to make a noticeboard, which we named the 'NICE Bites' board, to present each month's clinical knowledge updates in 'bitesize' format. In our GP practice, we identified our dedicated Urgent Care Clinic room as a suitable location for the board, because most of our clinicians work in there at some point each week. Having the NICE Bites board in this room emphasised that the contribution of every team member is valued, and is important to patient care. Updating the board each month is the responsibility of one of our junior doctors or a GP; a GP partner oversees continuation of the board throughout junior doctor changes.

We asked clinicians for feedback on their use of the 'NICE Bites' board. The consensus was that its potential as a very useful resource was hampered by Urgent Care Clinic being too busy to allow staff to take in any other information. We identified our coffee room as another location used by every team member and where short amounts of time can be used to review information with less chance of a clinical interruption, for example when waiting for the kettle to boil. We also circulate NICE updates by email to staff members who prefer to look at the information in their own time. We have been using our 'NICE bites' Board for 2 years now, responding to feedback from staff on making the information easier to access, and thus making it easier for us to stay up to date.

The impact


Patients benefit from staff being up to date on NICE guidelines improving the quality of care.


Staff are more aware of NICE updates and current best practice.

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