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pace-setterThe PACE SETTER Award is the Quality Mark programme for NHS Primary Care Teams for Children and Young People (CYP) Services. It was invented and trialled by NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG (CWS CCG). It is gaining interest both across Kent, Surrey and Sussex and nationally. The award programme is designed to highlight, acknowledge and celebrate the initiatives that GP practices are putting in place to provide excellent primary care to children, young people, their families and carers. Bright Ideas is going to highlight the award winning innovations, which might inspire other GP practices.

Moatfield Surgery, East Grinstead, Sussex (Lead GP – Dr Deborah Allen)

The 5 Key Activities that Moatfield Surgery undertook were a three pronged approach to our user engagement exercise. This was undertaken and included staff engagement which helped to determine our priorities for our initiatives for PACE SETTER.  Our 4 remaining Key Activities were that we reviewed our Safeguarding processes, we wished to improve our service and to empower our staff by engendering a positive culture in the management of CYP from the first contact to the last which we did via a Receptionist workshop/training March 2015; we reviewed A&E attendances data and undertook work around the Minor Head Injury pathway and lastly we developed a young persons’ website.
We also invited a sixth former to our Introduction meeting with the PACE SETTER team which influenced the discussion and the setting up of a teen group for our patient engagement.
The patient engagement was probably the most rewarding part of the process as it was good to interact with families  and discuss their experiences. We were pleased to see that in general they were pleased with provision and access as well as staff attitude. In the future would like to see a ‘families’ section represented in our PPG but unfortunately it is proving difficult to recruit.  We would like to repeat the survey next year and make families feel that they are an important part of our set up and that their opinions are valued and they have a forum to express themselves.

Dedicated website section for Children and Young People (CYP)

What came out strongly from our patient engagement consultation was that our website information for Young People needed to be enhanced.

How we did it? (Access for 13 – 18 year old's)

After consultation stage we looked around at what other practices had, essentially nothing Teen specific could be found. We looked at Teen based health websites, e.g. Teenage Cancer Trust and Doc Ready. We decided what was important to put on website. Then we scripted/drafted/tested a couple of times and peer reviewed.
The teen area of the Moatfield Surgery website is up and running. It is accessed by means of a BIG RED button on the screen. But what looks quite simple has taken a lot of thought, consultation and consideration and peer input.


We now have dedicated area on website, which has been peer approved. We are very happy with content, which covers several areas including consent, attending without parents etc. Please refer to our website for reference
Peers, including focus group were invited to comment as were staff. Content was deemed to be very good, however larger issues with our website and its’ appearance and usability to all, especially teens, were repeatedly mentioned.

Assessment at 6 months

We now have a dedicated member of the practice team responsible for this and we will be reviewing our website frequently at least 3/12 and looking at ‘hits’.

Lessons learned - We learned that teenagers feel strongly about their health and want to empower themselves, whilst they have a lot of information at their fingertips (literally) via the web they still have trust in medical practitioners. We felt there was a lot of confusion and mis-understanding over when/who/how/with whom a teenage could consult and over issues of consent and confidentiality.
We would like to continue to work with our teen focus group to make sure that our services evolve to suit them. We are now looking at a wider re-design of our website off the back of this project.

In summary, we have learned from our experience with PACE SETTER Award that we should “trust all the staff, not just clinicians; we all have experience of being service users AND providers and all have feedback to give.
Mums love to chat about their experiences and they have so much to offer us. This whole experience of undertaking PACE SETTER was a great way to encourage ‘whole team working’ and it was a great incentive to improving for us all.”

This practice won a NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG PACE SETTER Quality Award. The Award is gaining interest both across Kent, Surrey and Sussex and nationally.  The programme is being led by Dr Tim Fooks and Christine McDermott who are leads for CYP Commissioning at Coastal West Sussex CCG. The PACE SETTER Award Scheme was instigated from within Primary Care and is approved by Healthwatch, endorsed by RCGP, supported by RCPCH and sponsored by Health Education England and the NHS South East Clinical Networks.

To receive the award GP practices must demonstrate a clear commitment to improving care for children, young people and their families, and they must be able to evidence that they have fully engaged with patients / parents and other carers.  It is this feature that underpins the whole Award Scheme. It is an evidence based bottom-up approach to the improvement of health care. You can find out more about it on Coastal West Sussex CCG website.

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