Bright Ideas Award Winners 2018

The RCGP recognises GPs, practices, and patients who come up with ideas that improve efficiency and reduce workload in primary care with Bright Ideas Awards. At the RCGP we want new approaches to be recognised, celebrated and spread. 

This year the RCGP sought to capture and share Bright Ideas in general practice which showed qualitatively or quantitatively that they have benefitted the practice in one or more of the following areas:

  • Pioneer Award – these recognise and celebrate ideas which are at the forefront of healthcare and pushing the boundaries of general practice.
  • High Impact Award – this award recognises and celebrates ideas which have taken a fresh approach to addressing the challenges currently facing primary care and have demonstrated tremendous value.

The 2018 Bright Ideas winners are: 

Bright Ideas Award Winners 2018


  • Dr Muhammed Akunjee, (Pioneer Award) 
    ProActiveGP Virtual Clinic, a solution which makes contacting patients more efficient, automated, and safer and reduces face-to-face GP appointments through pre-emptive SMS messaging, freeing them up for patients with more pressing clinical needs
  • Shirley Bull (High Impact)
    A low-cost method of behavioural psychology to reduce missed appointments at her practice in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. 

Northern Ireland

  • Dr Rose McCullagh (High Impact)
    CBT Pain management course, a proactive approach to treating pain, which reduces long waiting times for treatment at a pain clinic


  • Dr Shawkat Hasan (Pioneer Award)
    Career Start GP Programme, A programme designed for First5 GPs, which allows a combination of a practice job and a specialty element together with protected continuous professional development time to undertake a specialist diploma 


  • Dr Sue Goodfellow (High Impact)
    Improving patient services through co-production with our Patient Participation Group, online access to clinical advice for all appointment requests for GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to ensure those patients with the greatest health need are dealt with first, and face to face appointment time is used appropriately, with the most appropriate health care professional.
  • Dr Arfon Williams (Pioneer Award)
    Improving Capacity in General Practice, a combination of several small, unassuming practice modifications which together brought, sustainable workload for the team, increased morale, and increased patient satisfaction



Asset Based Approach to Patient/Community Engagement In General Practice

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From the NHS Academy of Fabulous Stuff, read about how Oxford Terrace and Rawling Road Medical Group developed an Asset Based Approach to Health and Wellness in General Practice, though engagement of patients as volunteers.

The Housebound Service

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Schopwick Surgery have developed a holistic service to provide better care to their vulnerable housebound patients

Easing pressure with mail triage

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Ensuring GPs can attend more promptly to patient matters specifically requiring GP action

Offering vasectomy services in primary care

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The Haxby Group Practice has used quality improvement methodology to streamline their vasectomy service and improve patient experience.

Huddles in primary care: promoting healthy team dynamics

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Find out how Pathfields Medical Group implemented daily team meetings to highlight operational and patient safety concerns.

Joint clinic with microbiology to manage recurrent UTIs

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Dr Ruth Tyler shares her experience of a joint clinic with microbiologist to manage recurrent UTIs


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Read about askmyGP, a digital triage system piloted in Northern Ireland that helps to allocate appointments.

Anticipatory care planning in three questions

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St Triduana’s Medical Practice in Lothian have developed brief and simple Anticipatory Care Plan forms, alongside meaningful guidance for staff, care home residents and relatives to talk together about planning ahead.

Improving the quality of care for our children

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By developing an open access ticket for minor illness and improving early identification of childhood obesity, Maywood Surgery are positively impacting on the future health of their children.

The PROACTIVE project QI in practice

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Dr Mike Holmes explains how the Haxby Group is improving efficiency through quality improvement

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