The RCGP Adolescent Health Group

An update of the Confidentiality and Young People Toolkit has been carried out by the Royal College of General Practitioners’ Adolescent Health Group. The GMC is currently reviewing its Guidance on confidentiality and is due to review its 0-18 Guidance in 2017. The Toolkit will be amended to reflect any changes

Why is there an RCGP Adolescent Health Group?

Adolescent health is increasingly being recognised as an area in its own right. The aim of the RCGP Adolescent Health Group (AHG), since its inception in 1992, has always been to promote the highest possible standards of health provision for young people in a changing world.

We do this in the UK by supporting GPs through education, promoting good communication and service development.

What does the RCGP Adolescent Health Group do?

The Group meets to share ideas and news about issues related to the health of adolescents (who we define as young people up to the age of 25) and plan new projects.

In addition we work with government departments, other Colleges and other organisations, including the Association for Young People’s Health.

We raise the profile of adolescent health, as well as run courses, conferences, produce resources and provide support to general practice.

Key activities and resources have include:

  • Setting up the Association for Young People's Health (AYPH) with representatives of other organisations
  • Development of the training videos Clueless and Trust and the DVD, Helping Establish Adolescent Rapport (HEAR)
  • The 'Getting it Right' for young people awareness campaign (2002 to 2005; training events and dispatch of more than 75,000 pamphlets to GP surgeries)
  • Establishing the Kathy Phipps Adolescent Health Care Award
  • Contributing to the BMJ Masterclass and RCGP One Day Essential series
  • Running national conferences on adolescent health
  • Supporting the GP Champions Project with AYPH and the RCGP Clinical Champion for Youth Mental Health
  • Contributing sessions on adolescent health at national primary care conferences
  • Ongoing development of the Confidentiality Toolkit for general practice team training

Future and ongoing plans include:

  • Development of a downloadable practice leaflet for young people and their parents for GP’s to use
  • Feeding into collaborations on elearning related to adolescent health
  • Exploration of the quality of postgraduate training in adolescent health

RCGP Adolescent Health Care Award 2018

To encourage GPs to provide higher standards of care for their teenage patients. A discretionary prize of £250 will be awarded to the best poster on the theme of Adolescent Heath Care for the 2018 RCGP Annual Primary Care Conference. The conference will take from 4-6 October 2018 in Glasgow. This award is made in memory of Dr Kathy Phipps, an active and enthusiastic member of the RCGP Adolescent Health Group.

Who can get involved with the RCGP Adolescent Health Group?

Any member of the College is entitled to apply to become a member of the group. We aim to run the group with 12-15 committed members.

Other interested College members can be Associate members who will be informed of new developments and forthcoming events. Click here for more details.

Non-members of the College may become members of the Group by invitation.

When does the RCGP Adolescent Health Group meet?

The Group meets in person three times per year. Other business being undertaken by email or teleconferences, which also happen about three times per year.

Where does the RCGP Adolescent Health Group meet?

The Group meets at the 30 Euston Square, the headquarters of the RCGP. Meetings are normally from 10:00 to 16:00.

How can you find out more or get involved with the RCGP Adolescent Health Group?

Enquiries about the AHG can be directed to

You can find additional resources on the child and adolescent health and mental health resource pages.

AHG participation at the BMJ Masterclasses GP General Update masterclass in Newcastle.

Click here to find out the participation.

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