RCGP position statement on obesity and malnutrition

Obesity and malnutrition relate strongly to generalist care, both having profound effects on health, health services, quality of life, life expectancy and multimorbidities. GPs and primary healthcare teams have important but quite specific roles in raising awareness of the impact of obesity and malnutrition on health and risk of illness, plus an important role in encouraging physical activity, signposting to appropriate support and undertaking some aspects of management. The RCGP Position Statement on Obesity and Malnutrition aims to clarify these roles.

RCGP Introductory Certificate in Obesity, Malnutrition and Health

The RCGP Introductory Certificate in Obesity Malnutrition and Health is a self-directed learning package suitable for individual learning or small group cascade training. It involves completion of the 6 e-learning modules plus attendance at hands-on practical sessions based on the accompanying interactive workbook and slide set (see below). This can be run locally in small groups with or without specialist input.  For further information about hosting local training courses email

Slide sets to facilitate group teaching

Ideal for VTS, CCG-led or in-house tutorial teaching sessions, the topics can be covered individually or put together into a course.

Topics for further information

Nutrition is a fundamental component of health and these Nutrition pages present essential information under four separate topics:

Find information and tools to support obesity management, including attitudinal training, evidence-based practice, public health and community resources and national and commissioning guidance.

Malnutrition is common but often under-recognised and under-treated, despite its known impact on wellbeing, physical function, disease risk and mortality. This resource also links to guidance on some nutritional deficiency conditions.

This section includes a range of resources to inform about diagnosing food allergy and supporting those affected.

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