Kidney care

Working with the British Kidney Patient Association as a key stakeholder, the kidney care clinical priority ran for the period 2013-2016 to raise the profile and awareness of kidney disease in primary care, improve understanding of links between kidney and vascular disease to increase GP confidence to diagnose and manage and establish professional networks to improve localised care. The clinical priority focused on production and dissemination of education and empowerment materials for patients with kidney and vascular disease.

Impact of the Kidney Care Clinical Priority [PDF]

National chronic kidney disease audit

Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in primary care allows identification of people at higher risk of developing acute kidney injury, cardiovascular disease and 'end stage' kidney disease. To better understand the prevalence of CKD, and to help GPs identify and manage CKD in the early stages, NHS England and the Welsh Government have launched an important new national audit of CKD.

Results from the pilot phase of the National CKD Audit are consistent with previous studies suggesting that CKD coding is variable in practices. Although most practices test a high proportion of patients at risk of CKD, specifically those with diabetes and hypertension, on average only half of patients with CKD identifiable on blood tests are being appropriately coded.

Read the pilot report

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Resources for patients

  • Acute Kidney Injury Patient Leaflet – full colour
    This leaflet is for people who have been told that they have had Acute Kidney Injury and it has been designed to answer questions patients may wish to ask about this condition.

  • Acute Kidney Injury Patient Leaflet – black and white
    This is a two-page black and white version of the leaflet for GPs to print out and share with patients in their practices.

  • Information on AKI for Patients at Risk – full colour
    This information has been developed to help people who have been told that they may be at risk of Acute Kidney Injury, and to help answer any questions they may have.

  • Information on AKI for Patients at Risk – black and white
    This is a two-page black and white version of the leaflet for GPs to print out and share with patients in their practices.

  • - Kidney Health 
    This website has been produced as a resource for people who have early signs of possible kidney problems and for the health care professionals who provide care for them. For health professionals, this website provides an insight into the experiences of people who are being monitored for early signs of kidney problems – what information they have received, what they found helpful and unhelpful, their key questions and concerns, and their views on how monitoring could be made more meaningful to them. 

Useful articles

  • CKD in Primary Care - Dr Kathryn Griffith, RCGP Clinical Champion for Kidney Care, Clinical News, September 2014
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: National Audit in Primary Care - Dr Kathryn Griffith and Nick Wilson Deputy Welsh Renal Clinical Network Manager, Clinical News, September 2014
    The national (England and Wales) CKD audit aims to improve the diagnosis and management of CKD in primary care using regular audit reports and electronic patient management systems. It is funded by the Health Care and Improvement Partnership (HQIP) as part of the National Audit and Clinical Outcomes Programme and the contract for this three-year audit has been awarded to BMJ Informatica.
  • The New NICE CKD Guidelines, and their impact on primary care - Technical advice from the Chair of the CKD Guideline Update Group, Dr Paul Stevens, Clinical News, September 2014
  • Understanding the changes to kidney blood tests - Dr Ridwaan Ahmed and Dr May Aldean, Clinical Support Fellows for Kidney Care with collaboration from Dr Kathryn Griffith, Clinical News, September 2014
  • Diet and Kidney Disease - Louise Wells Clinical Lead for Renal Dietetics at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Clinical News, September 2014
    Diet and lifestyle changes play an important role in the management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and in the early stages of CKD, appropriate dietary treatment may help prevent or slow the rate of the disease progression.
  • How low-carb diets may be causing more kidney stones - Lisa Buckingham, with clinical input from Dr Kathryn Griffith, Mail Online, April 2015

Useful cardiovascular resources

Kidney disease and vascular disease are common co-morbidities. The following resources may assist in the management and prevention of vascular conditions, and are appropriate for both clinicians and patients.

In partnership with The Stroke Association and practicing healthcare professionals, the College has produced AF: How can we do better? to identify where diagnosis and treatment of AF in England can improve, and provide practical advice on both case finding and anticoagulation.

Atrial Fibrillation Resources

Hypertension Resources

Cardiovascular Risk Resources

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