Health Literacy Report

Health Literacy is needed for patients and the public to understand and act upon health information, to become active and equal partners in co producing health, and to take control of their health to help shape health environments and health services for themselves, their families and their communities.

In view of the importance of health literacy to patients and the NHS, NHS England sponsored a meeting, hosted by CIRC in collaboration with Dr Gill Rowlands, the Chair of the SAPC Health Literacy specialist group.

The aim of the meeting was to facilitate discussion about the important principles around health literacy relevant to primary care. Central to the discussion was a shared understanding of what is meant by the term 'health literacy' and to formulate a number of recommendations.

Low health literacy is a problem for everyone, even in the least deprived areas there is still a significant proportion of the population that cannot understand health materials. Through the Health Literacy Report the College is urging the medical profession to avoid using medical jargon when speaking to patients about their health.

In addition to learning about health literacy and its impact on patients, the public and the NHS, those present brought their perspectives and expertise to the discussions. Several themes emerged and can be found the report.

Health Literacy Report [PDF]

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