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Thousands of GP appointments 'lost' due to children with conjunctivitis being turned away from nursery - RCGP news 14/11/2016

Download RCGP's new poster on caring for children with infective conjunctivitis here.

In 2013, eye health accounted for 4.5m GP consultations and cost the UK economy £22bn each year. However, evidence showed that 50% of sight loss could be avoided through improved eye care and early detection of problems.

To tackle this growing need, particularly amongst elderly patients, the RCGP chose eye health, with a focus on ageing and sight loss, as a clinical priority from 2013-2016.

Clinical leadership for this programme was provided by Dr Waqaar Shah, RCGP Clinical Champion for eye health.  Dr Shah worked in partnership with the RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre (CIRC) and the  UK Vision Strategy  to deliver the programme. 

Impact of the Eye Health Clinical Priority [PDF]

Sight Loss in Older People - A Guide for GPs

This RCGP-accredited guide highlights the need and route for early and appropriate routes of referral, the link between sight loss and other health conditions, and suggests how services provided by general practice can be made more accessible for older people with sight loss. The text has been written in consultation with GPs, and includes an executive summary of the main learning points that are covered in each chapter.

For free print copies of the guide, please email ukvisionstrategy@rnib.org.uk

Useful resources

Join the GP Eye Health Network

This free network is part of the work being undertaken for the Royal College of General Practitioners’ (RCGP) Clinical Priority for eye health. It aims to bring together GPs from across the UK to raise the profile of eye health within general practice and improve the quality of care for patients with sight loss.
It is the first network of its kind and currently has over 400 members from across the UK. As a member of the network you will receive:
- Regular email bulletins
- Useful resources
- Invites to training and networking events
Find out more about the Eye Health Network. 

Eye health clinical fact sheets

Each of the below eye health clinical fact sheets focuses on a specific eye condition. The fact sheets have been developed by leading ophthalmologist Dr Gilli Vafidis, and then peer reviewed by RCGP clinical champion, Dr Waqaar Shah, as well as experts from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Professional Standards Council, the College of Optometrists, the Optical Confederation and the British and Irish Orthoptic Society.

Training events and workshops

Find out about upcoming training events and workshops on eye health and ophthalmology for GPs.

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