Standard 3: Carer Support (NOK + Main Carer) before and after death - Example GP Practice Team EOLC group exercise

Record: Those attended, apologies, and date of meeting.

The aim:

  • To develop a clear understanding of how the practice supports carers before and after death
  • To continuously develop processes to improve support to carers
  • To continue to develop the quality of care and support offered to carers


RCGP Daffodil Standards support for carers diagram  


  1. Consider who at the practice is involved/has contact with and carers supporting a person affected by advanced serious illness and/or end of life needs.
  2. Discuss the following questions as a group (and someone take notes on the key points):
  • Each member of the team to offer suggestions of how the practice currently supports carers?
  • How do different members of the team pick up and/or assess Carer's Needs? Consider both co-worker and client roles.
  • What works well and what could be improved? Each person to discuss from their perspective.
  • What gaps are there to offer holistic carers assessments and to support carers needs within the practice?
  • What could be trialled to help improve:

    a) the processes and
    b) quality of care for carers?

  • Each person (may help to group within roles) to agree what they will commit to trialing within their role to support this improvement.
  • Set a timeline for the trial and for the review date.
  • Review date to consider shared learning from trials, what happened, what worked well, what was less effective and what should be stopped (i.e. it did not work), adapted or continued.
  • Set next review date.

Informing part of the evidence on Standard 3

  • Holistic carers assessment
  • Create criteria for audit

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  1. The Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) intervention
  2. Ewing G and Grande GE (2018). Providing person- centred assessment and support for family carers towards the end of life: 10 recommendations for achieving organisational change. Hospice UK. London

    QI 3: Continuous Improvement

    Collect feedback (e.g. sensitively interview, survey) carers to assess whether they think the practice is meeting their needs, and show how any information provided is used to help improve care and support.

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