Reflective Group Learning

Reflection exercises as a practice

It is normal for practice staff to have different experiences and beliefs when dealing with patients and carers at the practice. This is often informed by their personal life experiences. Evidence shows that learning is richer when we are able to share our different experiences. This reflection and sharing helps promote the culture of learning and continuous quality improvement within the practice and stops the achievement of the standards being a simple tick box exercise. Ideally this reflection can be done at a group meeting.

Ground rules for a group meeting:

To state the ground rules at the start of the exercise to create a safe environment for discussion:

  • Agree as a group the time available for discussion and who will lead the facilitation
  • Everyone’s opinion and beliefs are valid and to be respected
  • Emphasise this is a learning discussion
  • Confidentiality
  • Remember that discussing these sensitive issues can be difficult for anyone, particularly if it brings up similar personal memories. So offer people the ability to stop being involved in the discussion and leave the room if a person finds the discussion too emotionally difficult
  • Remember another function of the group is to support each other
  • Make sure there is a named lead (either in or not in the group) who is aware of the session and available to discuss and debrief/offer support to any member of the team if distressing emotions are uncovered. This may be during the session or a period of time afterwards.

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