Person-Centred Care

The RCGP is working with NHS England to support GPs and primary care teams deliver person-centred care. The person-centred care approach can reduce pressures on the primary care team and bring increased professional satisfaction to GPs. It empowers individuals to take an active role in managing their own health and well-being, working alongside the GP's medical expertise and that of other professionals.

Person-Centred Care Toolkit

People with multiple long-term conditions account for about 50% of all GP appointments but the current 10-minute GP consultation doesn't allow enough time to effectively address all health and well-being issues. The person-centred care approach gives people more choice and control in their lives by providing an approach that is appropriate to the individual's needs. It involves a conversation shift from asking 'what's the matter with you' to 'what matters to you'.

  • View our Person-Centred Care Toolkit, developed in partnership between the RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre and NHS England.

Additional Resources

Person-Centred Care Network of Champions

This online network brings together GPs, primary care colleagues and people with lived experience who share an enthusiasm for person-centred approaches to health and well-being. The network aims to:

  • promote person-centred care approaches in members' own localities
  • feed into national pieces of work (for example, through consultations) and be the RCGP's voice for person-centred care
  • meet twice per year to plan strategy, and explore good work being carried out across the country to highlight through the project.

Find out more about the joining criteria for the person-centred care network of champions.

Glossary of work

This online network brings together GPs, primary care colleagues and people with lived experience who share an enthusiasm for person-centred approaches to health and well-being. The network aims to:

  • Collaborative Care and Support Planning - the purpose of collaborative care and support planning is to make the interactions between people with long-term conditions and the clinical team more effective, by changing the doctor-patient consultation into a doctor-person partnership which is underpinned by shared decision-making. This supports people with long-term conditions to develop and increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their own health. This project is funded by the Health Foundation and NHS England.
  • Integrated Personal Commissioning - this is a nationally-led, locally delivered programme that is supporting healthcare empowerment and the better integration of services across health, social care, and the voluntary and community sector. Its aims are to develop a supportive network of champions for GPs and practice staff, and provide learning resources for primary care teams.
  • Personal Health Budgets - A personal health budgets (PHB) is a different way of spending health funding to support individual health and wellbeing needs. They provide people with long term conditions and disabilities with more choice and control over the money being spent on their care. PHBs are a result of personalised care and support planning and are agreed between the individual, or their representative, and the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) and include money for therapies, personal care and equipment. See the RCGP Personal Health Budget resources for more information.

Person-Centred Care Training Videos

The RCGP Innovations team has worked closely with GPs, health professional and the voluntary sector across the country to produce a series of training videos showing different models of Person-Centred Care, specifically through the lense of social prescribing. The videos are examples of challenges, positive experiences, and how-tos from a person-centred, professional perspective and system perspective. 

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