Mentor Biographies

Dr Junaid Bajwa

Dr Junaid Bajwa is a practising physician and the Global Lead for Strategic Alliances and Solutions for the Global Digital Centre of Excellence at Merck.

Junaid's joined Merck/ MSD 3 years ago as the Executive Director for Healthcare Services for MSD UK, where he led a range of strategic initiatives to improve patient care, including establishment of internal partnerships across MSD and external partnerships across the health care ecosystem.

Examples of his team's work in the past 3 years include establishing VelocityHealth in partnership with Telefonica, winning the NHS Oncology Vanguard project to support Early Identification of Cancer, and securing a novel contract incorporating a pill plus service contract for Hepatitis C.

In addition, Junaid led his team  to deliver the "NHS Testbed" in partnership with Verily Life Sciences (part of Alphabet) which the Health Service Journal recently recognized as the "2018 Best Pharmaceutical Partnership with the NHS".

Previously, Junaid has worked in primary care as a physician and in the payer, provider and regulatory markets within the UK where he specialized in informatics, digital transformation, and leadership.

He has consulted for health care systems across the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Europe, in addition to being seconded by the NHS to work with IBM.

Junaid received his MBA at the Imperial College Business School in London and studied health strategy and quality improvement at Harvard University (Kennedy School of Public Policy Analysis and Chan School of Public Health) and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement in Boston.

He now spearheads MSD's work in Global Strategic Alliances for the DigitalCentre of Excellence.

Professor Ruth Chambers OBE

Ruth is Clinical Chair at Stoke-on-Trent CCG.

She is an honorary professor at Staffordshire University and also Keele University. Nine years ago, Ruth led on establishing a Quality Improvement Framework across Stoke-on-Trent which raised standards in general practices on a wide range of measures, from staff development to patient empowerment, improved clinical practice and patients' health outcomes.

She used innovative approaches to raise the level of knowledge of local GPs, and improve communication between hospital doctors and those in primary care.

A feature of this has been many educational events, master classes, and initiatives to enable patient care to be transferred from hospital to primary care. Where practices were found to be weak, her team offered support, enabling them to build on their strengths, and incorporate changes within a culture of learning.

Having established this pattern, she was able to support other areas to make similar changes as a consultant in various areas of the UK, and her practical clinical background enabled other clinicians to accept local initiatives more readily.

Over a long career Ruth has written 71 books (yes 71!!) –mainly for general practice teams, a few for the public. One was on mentoring and captured her learning from having created several mentoring programmes over the years for example, for new or inexperienced GPs with well embedded GPs; and a similar scheme for general practice managers.

Ruth has spoken at local events/ national & international conferences on many subjects, reflecting her evolving interests and achievements – for example, doctors' stress, NHS Health Check, patient empowerment, technology enabled care; as well as carrying out research (Ruth got an MD in 1996), and contributing to national guidance.

Dr Kartik Modha

class=Dr Kartik Modha, also known as 'Tiko', is a salaried GP at The Friern Barnet Medical Centre in north London and a digital health networks enthusiast!

His undergraduate training was at King's College London and he CCT'd in 2010 from The Royal Free VTS. 

Kartik is Co-founder and CEO at myHealthSpecialist, a platform that helps GPs and patients find specialists that have been recommended by doctors. Since it launched in 2013, there have been over 10,000 clinical recommendations shared by doctors on myHealthSpecialist and over 10 million profile views by people searching online for trusted healthcare professionals. 

Kartik also founded Tiko's GP Group (TGG), a GP-only closed group on Facebook. It began life in 2011 as an experiment to keep in touch with GPs from his VTS scheme and has since grown to over 6000 GPs and records over 20,000 ‘comments, likes and reactions’ each month, making it the largest GP-only social media group in the UK.

Kartik has been named in the Pulse Power 50 'Most Influential GPs' for four years since qualifying because of his work building online clinical networks but attributes this success to the amazing teams he works with.

He feels going through a start-up journey himself helps him to understand the hard work required by founders and the challenges faced, and is very happy to share the lessons he has learnt along the way to help others achieve their ambitions.

Dr Ishani Patel

Dr Ishani Patel is a GP in North West London leading the digital accelerator to improve and streamline patient access for patients in primary and urgent care alongside steering the design and implementation of the first GP federation-wide eHub for Harnesscare.

She is also a co-founder of Lantum, a technology platform partnering with primary care, hospitals and integrated care systems to mobilise and improve connectivity to the workforce - all types of staff, voluntary and the care-force and of course digital. 

Ishani is considered to be a leading voice for general practice workforce matters - speaking at over 200 events in the past 5 years reaching out to GPs, First5's and beyond to socialise key messages including wellbeing, burnout prevention, portfolio careers, leadership, organisation development, systems and the evolving primary care networks. 

She is currently undertaking an Executive MBA with a specialism in healthcare leadership and innovation.

Dr Mateen Jiwani

Dr Mateen Jiwani

Dr Mateen Jiwani is a practicing GP with a passion for technology, which became evident from the very beginning of his medical career. He has a keen interest in medical devices and technology that lends itself to changing medical practice for patients.

He is regularly interviewed by tech start-ups and the BBC on medical services using new and innovative approaches. Recently, he presented technology models used in his practice at the BMJ international Conference. 

Mateen has completed an NIHR CLAHRC fellowship in eHealth and continues to work on academic principles of Telemedicine as an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London. As one of the more successful start-up stories of the last few years, he is co-founder and Clinical Director of GPDQ, who recently partnered with HS. Accelerator to help other start-ups. 

He is keen to adapt technology to meet clinical excellence and so takes specific interest in technology from its early phase to implementation. He continues to work as a Medical Director for the NHS and as the RCGP Education Lead in London. 

Mateen is keen to help other start-ups gain momentum and understand how to navigate their environment and launch successfully. He is a regular conference and keynote speaker in The Ultimate HealthTech Portfolio and lives by his mantra: Dream. Learn. Action. Repeat. 

Dr. Farzad Entikabi

Dr. Farzad Entikabi is a GP Partner at Swiss Cottage Surgery, an innovative NHS General Practice in London.

He has extensive Primary Care and Secondary Care experience with clinical leadership roles responsible for operational delivery, clinical governance, service integration and strategy. This has enabled Farzad to bring innovation into practice such as triage workflows, new clinical staffing solutions such as physician associates and pharmacists, and the use of technology.

Farzad co-founded the digital healthcare company Doctor Care Anywhere Ltd in 2013 and served as its Medical Director and Chief Clinical Information Officer until 2017, exiting following a successful series B funding round and CQC inspection.

He has direct personal experience of establishing a digital health start up delivering highest quality clinical care in online GP services in the UK and internationally to over 150 corporate clients, with excess of 150,000 patients, as well as developing partnerships with private medical insurers, other large channel partners and private healthcare providers.

Farzad continues to have a passion for strategic input at executive level as well as operational delivery ensuring robust clinical governance processes.

In additional to continuing his clinical work within the NHS and private sector Farzad currently serves as an advisor to three UK digital healthcare companies. He is keen to use his experience and working with the mentorship programme at the RCGPs is looking to support innovation and entrepreneurship in general practice.

Dr M Aumran Tahir 

Dr Tahir has significant experience in leading and delivering innovative transformation in extremely challenging situations.

His journey as an innovator starter in 2005 when he co-founded AT Medics, he is now the CCIO.

He has a number of activities in his portfolio including:


  • Founding member and Director of AT Medics, delivering world class primary care to 250k patients, across 37 sites pan London 
  • Chief Clinical Information Officer AT Medics
  • Chief Innovation Officer AT Technologies 
  • Medical Director North and West London AT Medics GP practices
  • Accredited ST3 Trainer- London Deanery
  • Honorary Senior Research Fellow University of Surrey (Healthcare Management & Policy)
  • NWL RCGP Faculty International Representative
  • Health Foundation Quality Improvement Fellow

Aumran's experience of developing innovative new approaches combined with his interest in quality improvement and understanding of implementation will support GP entrepreneurs on the programme to develop their innovations and general positive impact. 

Dr Neha Tanna

Neha Tanna

Neha is a principal in a seed stage venture capital fund, focusing on the emerging science and technology of health and happiness. She started her career as a GP before transitioning to the life sciences industry, where she held various roles in pharmaceutical companies.

She holds an MBA from London Business School, where she fell in love working with entrepreneurs and startups. She has since worked with a startup med-tech company, as well as several accelerators and VCs in the healthcare space, most recently with a global venture builder with a focus on early-stage tech companies.

Neha is an angel investor, loves tennis and dance, and is a strong advocate for personal fitness and nutrition. She also has a soft spot for wildlife and conservation.

Dr Duncan Walling

Dr Duncan Walling is a past GP, Entrepreneur and Ultra runner.

After working as a GP Partner & Trainer for 5 years in urban Southampton he worked as a Medical Director for Wessex LMCs.

During this time, he was the Revalidation lead as Revalidation was being piloted and implemented and he sat on GPC as the representative of General Practice in Wiltshire and Dorset and he also worked as a GP Locum and Salaried GP.

Whilst at Wessex he underwent business coaching. After 3 years at Wessex LMCs he left to form FourteenFish with a business partner.

Duncan co-founded FourteenFish in September 2012. FourteenFish provides learning tools for all Health Professionals and is most known for its Appraisal Toolkit. It is accepted nationally, is well known for its ease of use and excellent support and has over 27,000 users.

FourteenFish also provides online learning and GP exam revision packages along with a Revalidation and Appraisal management system, and a powerful membership management system for membership led organisations.

They have grown the business from being just two into a team of nine, leveraging organic growth to build the business without reliance on venture capital.

Duncan is a big fan of Tim Ferriss and his podcast series that shares tips and strategies for success, which can of course take many forms. Duncan looks forward to sharing his experience and some of the things he has learnt on the RCGP Innovators Mentorship Programme.

Dr Phil Koczan

Phil has been a senior GP in a large practice in North East London for over 25 years.

He is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a member of their Health Informatics Group, a founding fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and has a long interest in Medical informatics along with an MSC in the subject from Bath University and the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. 

He has several other roles in addition to being a GP which includes Digital Clinical Champion for the London Patient online programme, developing 111 interoperability in London and Clinical Advisor to the PRSB (Professional Standards Record Board).

His particular interest is around bringing data together from different care settings to support patient care and quality improvement, making it easier for clinicians to access relevant data, improve patient outcomes and involve patients more with their care through access to their records.

Phil is keen to see innovative technologies being adopted more widely within the NHS and has been involved in various projects to support innovation and new market entrants, particularly around understanding the information governance requirements and the clinical safety approach which are important in gaining wider acceptance of a new product.

He recognises need to ensure that the end-user requirements are clear and well articulated and the befits of an agile approach to software development so that new products can be developed to ensure they meet the needs of both clinicians and patients.

Dr Richard Pratt

class="no-mob-resize""RichardRich is a GP partner & health tech innovator.

He applies his entrepreneurial skills as Director of a health tech start up as well as consultancy roles on med tech projects for organisations as diverse as Royal Colleges, NHS Digital & multinational corporates. The connecting thread is a strong desire to support the development of positive, thoughtful responses to the challenges faced in the modern NHS, making the most of the wealth of opportunities for digital solutions. 

Whilst working in A&E Rich realised that patchy access to patient records was a problem. He devised ForMyDoctor®, a patient held, patient entered health record app for emergency care which enables patients to share up-to-date information with their doctor. It puts patients in control of their records and enables families to share information about their loved ones.

ForMyDoctor® provides a focus & springboard to refine Rich's innovation methodology. He's benefitted from coaching in both Oxford Innovation's Growth Accelerator programme & latterly Innovate2succeed. In drafting successful bids to both Innovate UK and SBRI healthcare (totalling close to £100,000) Rich has gained experience of product development, validated learning, value proposition refinement & securing IP which he brings to RCGP IMP. 

Rich is the GP lead & advisor on two clinical decision support projects, Paediatric Care Online UK from the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, and UpToDate® from Wolters Kluwer (over 1.3 million users worldwide).

As the RCGP GP Forward View Ambassador for Devon & Cornwall he has gained insights into the policy landscape in which health tech innovations will need to flourish. The position has led Rich to build strong networks, engaging a wide range of stakeholders including Academic Health Science Networks, MPs, Care Commissioning Groups, Health Education England & NHS England.   

Dr Sandeep Bansal

Sandeep Bansal
Dr Bansal graduated from Imperial College London with a MSc in Paediatrics and Child Health. He has been a GP Trainee in the Oxford Deanery, representing them at AiT.

During his medical training he found the outdated and inefficient use of pager, fax and telephone frustrating and the workaround of using unsecure text messaging platforms unsatisfying.

Following conversations with peers and concerns of poor Information Governance (IG) compliance he had the idea for an innovative app Medic Bleep to enable secure and reliable clinical communication for primary, secondary, tertiary and social care. In 2014 he set up Medic Creations and since launching their first product has been awarded enterprise contracts for NHS organisations with a second product in pilot within the NHS.

Medic Bleep has been shown to save 21 and 48 minutes during a nurse and junior doctor's shift respectively which forms part of the £4.5 million potential saving for each Trust. Medic Bleep's work with West Suffolk was highlighted by NHS Digital in the 70 year celebrations. He has raised over £1.4 million and leads a team of 25 individuals committed to solving communications within health and social care.

Mr Ashish Chokshi

Ashish Chokshi is a NHS Digital Health Navigator for the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator and a Specialist Optometrist.

His work with DigitalHealth.London involves supporting the uptake and deployment of digital health innovations across the NHS. Working with NHS partners, SME's and other industry experts he has gained significant knowledge and understanding of the NHS and networks throughout London.

Ashish has excellent knowledge of the NHS at a system level and the various innovation agencies which support implementation such as AHSNs.

After completing his core clinical training, Ashish joined Moorfields Eye Hospital as the first Optometry Darzi Fellow in Clinical Leadership, working on several high-level projects connecting primary and secondary care.

Following the Darzi Fellowship, Ashish has held a Clinical Informatics Fellowship with UCLPartners helping deploy an innovative solution for MS patients across the NHS. Subsequently he has gone on to work in other roles both clinically as a Specialist Optometrist, and in the healthcare innovation space as the UK Clinical Lead for the European Pro4VIP project.

He has an MSc in Clinical Health Management, with a strong focus on facilitating innovation in healthcare systems and service delivery, and still holds a clinical position at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Chris Sawyer

Chris has had an interesting and diverse career in the Medical Technology sector.

This includes over 25 years working for two of the global market leading medical device companies; Hewlett Packard and Philips Medical Systems, in a broad range of positions including Product Development, Marketing, and Business Analysis both internationally and domestically.

For the last 12 years Chris has worked very closely with the NHS. He spent 5 years working as an Innovation Manager for NHS Innovation Hubs, where he worked with NHS clinicians in supporting the development of concepts through to commercialisation, looking to drive new user-centred designed products to market releasing income back to the NHS and inventors through the commercialisation of IP. 

Chris has also worked directly for the NHS, when he was Associate Director of Innovation and Service Development at NHS Direct. He has also worked as a business consultant for an Out of Hours provider.

Chris is now the Innovation Lead for Digital Health at Innovate UK and is the architect of the Digital Health Technology Catalyst (DHTC), a £35m four year collaborative research and development programme, being funded through the Industrial Strategy.

The DHTC was a recommendation of the Accelerated Access Review and is aligned with NHS goals and objectives, with business led collaboration with the NHS as a key driver.

Chris has a strong history of coaching and mentoring. He has been a business mentor on Wayra, MassChallenge and the Design Council programmes as well as coaching six Junior Doctors over a 12 month period through the 2023 Challenge, an initiative that was run by Health Education England.

Dr Charlotte Wu

Charlotte Wu, MD is a primary care physician and the founder of Harness Health Partners, providing healthcare consulting focused on health system & technology innovation, human‐centered design, implementation strategy, and change management. She is passionate about empowering people, innovating on processes, and co‐designing enabling technology to improve the health and wellness of populations worldwide.

Charlotte has led health system innovation and redesign efforts in multiple continents including Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. She is based in London and serves as a clinical advisor for health systems, start‐up companies, and non‐profit medical organisations. Throughout her career, she has also taught and mentored trainees as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine.

She completed a medical faculty Innovation Fellowship with the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, primary care internal medicine training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, her doctorate in medicine from Yale School of Medicine, and her bachelors degree from Stanford University. While practising medicine as a consultant doctor, she has also held multiple administrative roles including serving as the Director of Adult Primary Care at Boston Medical Center and leading primary care transformation efforts at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She also serves on the American Medical Association’s committee overseeing practice redesign and digital health.

Some of her innovation projects have included developing an IT‐enabled population health management system for proactive cancer screening, coordinating systems of care for patients with chronic and complex disease, integrating primary care and mental health, developing electronic patient‐centered care plans, advising on healthy ageing and end‐of‐life care initiatives, strengthening national level primary care systems, and helping to create a digital health implementation playbook. She looks forward to sharing experiences and fostering leadership through this growing community of physician innovators in the RCGP Innovators Mentorship Programme.

Charlotte enjoys the arts and being outdoors. She is interested in creativity and humanities in medicine. Within this area, she has taught courses and workshops on the intersection of art and medicine. She is also co‐authoring a book which will include a collection of graphic stories to be used in teaching medical ethics.

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