Genomics Webinars

We are now living in the Genomics Era. Genomics is the study of the entirety of our DNA, and Genomic Medicine is its application to clinical care. The 100,000 Genomes Project aims to mainstream genomics within the NHS, and the 2016 Annual report of the CMO Dame Sally Davies "Generation Genome" explores the potential for Genomics to improve health.

But how is Genomics impacting primary care and what does this mean for us in daily practice? Increasing access to genomic testing through clinical care, research projects and direct-to-consumer testing, means that growing numbers of patients are presenting to primary care with genomics issues. This webinar explores how genomics is already impacting within primary care and what GPs really need to know through the discussion of clinical scenarios: Familial Cancer, Rare Disease, Ante-natal care, commercial testing and ethical issues.

Genomics Webinar Part 1: Familial Cancer

Genomics is contributing to increasing diagnosis of Familial Cancer Syndromes and to targeted treatment of cancer, meaning that more of our patients will be offered genomic testing to assess their risk or plan cancer treatment.

View Webinar Slide on Familial Cancer and Genomics, Dr Jude Hayward [PDF] 

Genomics Webinar Part 2: Rare disease

Genomic testing is enabling molecular diagnosis in increasing numbers of patients who were previously undiagnosed. Dr. Will Evans explains that rare diseases share common clinical management principles, giving useful advice in recognising rare disease within primary care.

View Webinar Slide on Rare Disease, Primary Care and Genomics, Dr Will Evans [PDF] 

Genomics Webinar Part 3: Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Dr. Imran Rafi discusses how other forms of genomic testing are being incorporated into routine clinical care. Public Health England is currently rolling out NIPT (Non-invasive pre-natal testing) within routine ante-natal screening.

View Webinar Slide on Non Invasive Prenatal Testing, Dr Imran Rafi [PDF] 

Genomics Webinar Part 4: Ethical issues

Through clinical scenarios Dr. Chantal Simon demonstrates some of the ethical tensions and dilemmas which may arise in primary care including consent and confidentiality, handling of genomic information and unexpected or additional findings arising from genomic testing.

View Webinar Slide on Genomics and Ethics, Professor Chantal Simon [PDF] 

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