Spotlight projects 2019 to 2020

The following one year projects each cover a specific area of work that is either complimentary to an existing clinical priority, or takes a prescriptive 'awareness raising' approach. 

Applications for new projects open for a three month period in October each year. Applications are assessed based on quality of project design, GP need, potential impact, financial viability and against the RCGP principles of preventing overdiagnosis.

Values and Evidence

The Overdiagnosis Group was established in 2013 within the RCGP as an online group. It has now grown to over 300 members concerned with overdiagnosis, overtreatment, constructively criticising evidence and guidelines, and debating how best to share evidence and uncertainty. These fellowships have grown out of the groups’ work and aim to formalise and embed the issues and concerns which have been highlighted over the last 5 years. 

  • Clinical Fellow: Dr Sam Finnikin
  • Clinical Fellow: Dr Margaret McCartney


The aim of this work is to improve outcomes of care for patients with skin disease. This spotlight project will focus on improved lesion diagnosis through the use of dermatoscopy in Primary Care, alongside the development of web based learning resources to support the management of acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Emma Le Roux

Efficient Multimorbidity Management

Multimorbidity encapsulates the challenges of generalist care. The project aim is to understand barriers to offering holistic chronic disease care (compared to single disease QOF-led care) and to showcase examples of effective practice. This will include assessing ways for blood test monitoring to be streamlined and how work can be shared across the multidisciplinary primary care team. 

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Rachel Pryke 

End of Life Care

Working with Marie Curie as a key stakeholder, the focus of this work is to promote and enable high quality care for people nearing the end of their life, based on their needs and preferences. Through strategic development to improve provision, and ensuring that patient preferences and choices form the basis for end of life care approaches, this project will raise the profile of End of Life care, consolidating the work already undertaken and building for the future.

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders
  • Clinical Support Fellow: Dr Rachael Marchant

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Following on from the 2017-18 Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Spotlight project, which aimed to improve the detection of IBD and to support primary care clinicians in treating, managing and referring patients with the condition, this project will focus on flare management, and long term condition management. We will work with our partners at Crohn's and Colitis UK to deliver this 12 month project.

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Kevin Barrett

Healthcare in Secure Environments 

The  RCGP Secure Environments Group (SEG) recognises the need to improve the consistency of safe clinical practice in secure settings and with the support of NHS England, have initiated this Healthcare in Secure Environments clinical spotlight project. The project will take the form of a series of championed and carefully communicated guidelines focussing on key areas of clinical practice to enhance safety, security and reduction in avoidable death and illness in the prison population. By improving and better addressing the mental health, physical health and substance misuse needs of this patient group we will be benefiting the health and wellbeing of people in contact with the criminal justice system both inside prison and on release.

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Caroline Watson

Lyme Disease

This spotlight project focuses on raising the profile of Lyme disease in general practice and thereby increase awareness and improve patient outcomes. It will support primary care clinicians in developing clinical skills and expertise aimed at improving early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of the condition. The project aims to significantly augment the current system of recording only laboratory-confirmed cases by having an effective primary care response in place with enhanced clinical surveillance. 

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Anne Cruikshank

Menstrual Wellbeing

We are taking forward a 12 month piece of work focusing on Menstrual Wellbeing, in partnership with Endometriosis UK. The focus of this project will be the development of resources to help primary care clinicians recognise the symptoms of menstrual dysfunction and understand the common causes, investigations and management options.

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Anne Connolly 


The Syncope Project works to improve the wellbeing of patients with syncope though improved detection, assessment and management of patients with syncope, syncopal falls and orthostatic intolerance in primary care. The goal is to reduce misdiagnosis and improve cost-effective and appropriate investigation and referral patterns.

  • Clinical Champion: Dr Lesley Kavi

TARGET Antibiotics

We've partnered with Public Health England to produce the TARGET Antibiotics Toolkit to provide relevant resources and guidance to support GPs and primary healthcare professionals to improve the quality of life and care for patients and encourage safe, effective, appropriate and responsible antibiotic prescribing.

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