Menstrual Wellbeing Spotlight Project

Many women report that the physical, psychological and social impact of menstrual dysfunction is often underestimated by primary care clinicians, employers, schools and colleagues. This leaves them feeling unsupported and embarrassed to ask for help or treatment, at a time when they are often exhausted by the physical problems caused by the condition. 

Even when their symptoms are recognised, the process to diagnosis and the standards and availability of treatment and management vary significantly. Length of time to diagnosis – and so to any form of treatment – can not only prolong suffering but risk the development of longer term consequences. This menstrual wellbeing project recognises the need to support GPs and practice staff in delivering a better quality and level of care to their patients and increase awareness and knowledge of menstrual dysfunction, including tips and tools to help with diagnosis and treatments and resources for patients.

This project, led by Dr Anne Connolly and funded by Endometriosis UK, who are working closely with a variety of key stakeholders, including the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists at the RCGP Patient and Carer Participation group, to produce resources that are evidence based and appropriate for the care women want and deserve. 

Aims of the project

The focus of this project is to help primary care clinicians recognise the symptoms of menstrual dysfunction and understand the common causes, investigations and management options.

Key outputs

Forthcoming work

  • Training resources and information tools, informed by scoping workshop
  • Further developments to the Menstrual Wellbeing toolkit

Clinical team 

Dr Anne Connolly, RCGP Clinical Champion for Menstrual Wellbeing

Anne is a GP in Bradford, a GPSI in gynaecology and accredited as a hysteroscopist, colposcopist and FSRH trainer. Anne has been involved with commissioning since 2006 as clinical lead for maternity, women’s and sexual health for NHS Bradford and Airedale.

Anne is one of the founder members and chair of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum, allowing her to develop her passion for improving the delivery of women’s health care in primary care through education and the sharing of best practice.

If you would like any further information on this project, email CIRC on

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