Person-Centred Care Training Videos

Person-Centred Care: Stockton Initiatives - GP Perspective

In this video, we hear about the social element to health problems and the importance of integrating the social and medical models of care. A key element of this is identify, what is important to the person and working with trusted care coordinators to help ensure people are getting the medical and social support they need.

Person-Centred Care: Stockton Care Coordinators

Stan and Rose discuss how care coordination works in Stockton as well as the benefits and challenges. Care Coordinators in Stockton work directly with practices to support the creation of individual care plans. Coordinators can refer into social care, voluntary sector, citizen's advice, gyms, peer support groups and much more. While there is evidence that Care Coordinators are greatly benefiting people in Stockton, they still face challenges such as funding for programmes and transportation to and from those programmes.

Person-Centred Care: GP Perspective

Totnes, has a mixed community with areas of both affluence and severe deprivation. Primary Care practitioners in the area have had the benefit of working with community organisations for over 30 years. Recently, local organisations have come together under an umbrella organisation, Caring Town Totnes, which serves as a focal point for GPs to be able to prescribe patients for help or advice.

Person-Centred Care: Caring Town Totnes

Caring Town Totnes is a network of about 80 providers from the community, volunteer, statutory and private sectors. It was formed as a response to issues such as cuts in services and growing demand and has received very positive feedback since inception. The initiative also works with partner organisations to fill in gap in services. Current priorities include mental health in adolescence and isolation in older people. From a patient, or person's perspective, this is an opportunity offered by the NHS to go outside of the NHS for support.

Person-Centred Care: Gateshead Care and Support Planning

In this video, Dr Becky Haines walks us through the process of Care and Support Planning for patients with long-term conditions and multi-morbidity. The team at Gateshead Medical Centre discuss how preparing a patient in advance and splitting the conversations between tests and tasks and conversations has completely changed the dialogue and the lives of patients.

Person-Centred Care: Gateshead Care & Support Planning and Link Workers

Dr Becky Haines describes Glenpark Medical Centre's evolution into a care and support planning and multi-morbidity clinics. We also hear from Samantha Hood from Newcastle Gateshead CCG about how the CCG has worked closely with practices to support the implementation of care and support planning by providing training and funding to practices undergoing the transformation.

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