Overdiagnosis Group

The overdiagnosis group was set in 2014 to explore and develop thinking around overdiagnosis. This group is an informal Google group which communicates through email. Membership is mainly GPs but also students and trainees, specialists, health care professionals and members of the public. Although mainly UK based, the group also has world-wide members. The group is now over 300 strong and hope you will join us to improve thinking around overdiagnosis. This group encourages cognition and we have all taken up increased critical thinking and ethical skills from the interactions.

Comments and contributions are welcome from anyone, as are ideas and offers of input to make things happen. You are free to read, delete or contribute as you wish. At times there can be a lot of emails so be selective, open-minded and we hope you enjoy the intellectual exchanges. It can help on emails if you briefly put who you are/role under your name. Please join us.

Please note that all members must make a public declaration of their interests (for example, www.whopaysthisdoctor.org). Having a declaration of interest(s) or conflict(s) of interest is not an issue but not declaring it is! Non doctors can also email Who Pays This Doctor to declare interests and possible conflicts.

There are no 'rules' but we respect confidentiality of posting. The chair or vice chair may intervene if the topic is clearly not related to overdiagnosis or is advertising. Overdiagnosis topics may include optimal diagnosis or under-diagnosis. 

New and forthcoming work

In January 2019 the group had a subgroup on optimal testing and a subgroup exploring usual practice in diagnosis and management of insect bites. We will add the work from these groups as it becomes available.

In 2018 Margaret McCartney and Sam Finnikin were appointed as RCGP Fellows for Values and Evidence. These titles reflect the discussions within the Overdiagnosis Group: over diagnosis and over treatment are inherently entangled with risk, shared decision making, evidence and information quality, drivers to testing and treatment, quality of life issues, medicalisation of normality, and conflicts of interest. Below you will find some resources that many professionals and patients may find useful when considering these issues. Find out more here.

Overdiagnosis December 2019 conference Australia 

Connect with us

RCGP Standing Group on Overdiagnosis

Specific contacts please email: 

  • Chair: Dr Jane Wilcock jane.wilcock@nhs.net
  • Vice-chairs: Dr David Spitzer and Dr Katharine Alsop
  • Membership director: Dr John Cosgrove

Group governance

  • The list of members is available on membership in the Google group.
  • The group is an informal discussion group by email and so does not have funding or a constitution/terms of reference.
  • The chair and two vice chairs moderate the group.
  • Last meeting of the chair and vice chairs: 10 Dec 2018. There are no regular face to face committee meetings.


Here we offer some resources that many professionals and patients may find useful when considering these issues.

Shared decision making resources


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