Special Interest Groups

RCGP Special Interest Groups are a community of health professionals with shared interest in advancing specific areas of medicine in general practice, learning or technology. Members meet collaborate and plan new projects and find solutions within their chosen field. 

Adolescent Health Group

The RCGP Adolescent Health Group (AHG), since its inception in 1992, promotes the highest possible standards of health provision for young people in a changing world. The Group meets to share ideas and news, plan new projects about issues related to the health of adolescents, who we define as young people up to the age of 25.

GPs with an Interest in Nutrition Group (GPING)

GPING supports general practitioners and other healthcare professionals to help people with nutritional problems, including obesity and malnutrition, and to increase physical activity in our patients. The group connects front-line GPs, academics, commissioners and those working on policy matters to improve the spectrum of lifestyle risk factors.

Health Informatics Group

The Health Informatics Group advises the RCGP and other professional bodies on information management and technology in general practice.

NHS Pathways National Clinical Governance Group

The National Clinical Governance Group is a cross-collegiate evidence-based collection who quality improves 111 and 999 calls. Representation, by all relevant colleges and associations is crucial to both maximise the efficacy of the system.

Secure Environments Group 

The Royal College of General Practitioners Secure Environments Group is committed to the delivery of health care in the health and justice system to prisoners and detainees which is of the highest possible standards.

Overdiagnosis group

The overdiagnosis group set in 2014 to explore and develop thinking around overdiagnosis. This group is an informal Google group which communicates through email. Membership is mainly GPs but also students and trainees, specialists, HCPs, members of the public and although mainly UK based also has world- wide members. We’re now over 300 strong and hope you will join us to improve thinking around overdiagnosis. This group encourages cognition and we have all taken up increased critical thinking and ethical skills from the interactions.

Health Inequalities Standing Group

The RCGP Health Inequalities Group has been established for over 10 years and aims to ensure that achieving health equity for all remains a key area of policy and practice, with specific reference to the role of General Practice.

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