Person Centred Care Network of Champions

22 November 2019

Culture change in any organisation requires peer support and strong leadership. This applies to the NHS, a large and complex organisation where changing attitudes and structures can be challenging. As personalised care becomes the norm it is essential that primary care professionals can share knowledge and experiences to build on successes and navigate challenges. While many GPs, surgeries and localities are pioneering personalisation, others will benefit from advice and guidance.

The network of champions holds events regularly throughout the year to explore best practice, discuss challenges, provide peer support and enable face-to-face networking. Importantly, it feeds into national pieces of work such as the development of standards for primary care and members frequently speak at both regional and national events to raise awareness of personalised care. In this way, professionals working at ground level with direct day-to-day experience can exert influence on a larger scale.

On a national level, the move towards Primary Care Networks (PCNs) aims to foster a culture with a co-ordinated and regionalised approach to developing and delivering services. There is no ‘one way’ of providing person-centred care because many different factors influence how services are delivered, from the specific resources available in an area to the needs and values of a community. The RCGP’s Network of Champions has evolved to mirror this approach with regionalised communities within the network which promote localised leadership and support.

The aim is that collaborative working will be at the heart of personalised care with 'networks' extending from those within communities and surgeries, to PCNs and regions. Culture change is not easy but by providing peer support, the network of champions provides one avenue for GPs and other primary care staff who are leading the way. If you are interested in joining our network, read our joining guideline or please contact

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